4.2.5 Update

Hero Classes on Teams

* Hero Class change Gem cost has now been removed
* Players are now able to set a Hero Class to each team
* Hero Classes can now be managed from the Troop/ Collectible menu
* Class wins (for unlocking Class Weapons) will only apply to the Class assigned to the team
* Class Champion XP will only apply to the Class assigned to the team that is used (if the Hero is used on the team)
* A Hero Class still uses the same talent tree, so while you may use a Class on 2 teams, any changes to the Talent Tree with affect both teams
* The Hero Class displayed on the main HUD will represent the Hero Class attached to the last team you used
* As Classes do not apply in Arena, no Champion XP or Wins for a Class will be awarded.

Mail Improvements

* Legendary Tasks will now be consolidated into a single mail, with the following rules:

  • o The Mailbox must be at least half full (50+ unread mail)
  • o A new Legendary Task mail will be created if the new legendary Task contains a Troop
  • o Consolidated Legendary Task mail will mention how many Legendary Tasks have been combined into it

* The consolidation for Legendary Tasks, starts at 50 mail, as the information on who completed the mail, and the list of what rewards each task gave exactly will be lost once it’s consolidated, and we wanted to keep that information intact for smaller guilds completing fewer legendary tasks.


* Holiday Graphics and Music have been removed until the next Holiday season
* Guild Admin Leave & Disband button now appear grey when disabled (even when selected by controller), to avoid confusion

Bug Fixes 

* Fixed free scouting exploit
* Fixed some instances of unlocalized text
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements