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    Hamster Dance

    20 May 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Raid Boss Troop: Hellcackle Goblins, rather like sand, tend to get everywhere. Norbert Pogthatcher made it most of the way through Grosh-Nak before he was distracted by a large shiny rock, which turned out to be the door to an Orcish Summoner’s cave. The Summoner, displaying typical Orcish hospitality, promptly chained up Norbert, and use...

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    Cold Time Rock N’ Troll

    13 May 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Epic Troop: Ice Troll While the common forms of Trolls tend to inhabit the surface of Krystara, Sages have theorized that more powerful trolls formed of multiple elements might inhabit the deep areas of the world. The Ice Troll is the first one of these to be discovered! The Ice Troll will be available for 400 Glory in the...

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    New Kingdom – Dhrak-Zum

    11 May 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Kingdom: Dhrak-Zum Join Gemhammer, little sister to Keghammer, as you explore the fallen mines of the Dhrak-Zum dwarves! We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the frozen daemon Glaycion, and King of the Dhrak-Zum Dwarves, King Bloodhammer! Keep an eye out for new traits and spells that can create Doomsku...

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