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    I Only Have Ice For You

    18 March 2018 , by Saltypatra

    It’s Raid Boss week! Fiery Zuul’Goth is attempting to break through into the Glacial Peaks. Epic Raid Troop: Freya As captain of the Frost Archers, Freya has the keenest eye amongst all the Fey of the Winter Court. With Zuul’Goth’s portals appearing all through the northern peaks, she has been leading her Frost Archers in a ... Read more

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    16 March 2018 , by Saltypatra

    Welcome to our first Bounty Event! It’s Bounty Time! At daily changeover today (16 March) our first Bounty Event will be starting. It’s accessible from the GAMES menu, and its tabbed screen format should be immediately familiar to you after playing Raid Boss and Invasion (though there is no Guild portion to this event – it’s... Read more

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    Silver Lining

    11 March 2018 , by Saltypatra

    New Epic Troop: Skrymir the Lofty Skrymir the Lofty is one of Stormheim’s Cloud Giants, but not a typical one… He’s a lover not a fighter. Possessed of a magical Golden Harp, Skrymir can charm his allies into protecting him, which allows him more time for composing love ballads to woo the lady giants. Skrymir the Lofty will be ava... Read more

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    Spirit Guide

    4 March 2018 , by Saltypatra

    New Troop: Spiritmane A few times every decade, an albino Raksha is born. Before his or her first birthday, an envoy from the Spiritmanes will be sent to retrieve them. These Albino Raksha, in turn, become the future Spiritmanes, servants and guides to the many tribes. They tell their future, and provide them with potions and herbs to make them... Read more

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    1 March 2018 , by Saltypatra

    New Epic Troop: Tomb Spider New Legendary Troop: The Widow Queen Read more