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    New Pet – Martlet

    18 July 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Pet: Martlet A new pet has been released, the Martlet. You can get your Martlet from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. The Martlet will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes in 3-4 weeks’ time. Read more

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    The Three Cactalleros

    15 July 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Epic Troop: Senita This week, we welcome three unique Wildfolk to Krystara! This singing band of lovable Cactnid rogues from the Drifting sands, are best introduced with one of their own songs… We’re three Cactalleros Three succulent heroes We sing all our songs in a high-key! We’re happy amigos No matter where he goes The one... Read more

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    8 July 2018 , by Nimhain

    New Invasion Troop: Vor’Karn Orcs will try riding anything that moves – it speaks to their animalstic instincts to dominate the world around them. They’ll also try stealing anything, eating anything, and in some cases mating with anything… And if none of the above seem viable, it’s likely they’ll just paint war-s... Read more