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    Dinner Time!

    12 November 2017 , by Saltypatra

    What’s the time, Mister Wolf? New Troop: Monster Muncher Ever wondered what a Manticore tastes like? Well, Ralph the Ogre did, and so he set out on a long journey from his home in the north towards the Leonis Empire. On the way, Ralph stopped to sample a Gorgon, a Chupacabra, 2 or 3 Sand Sharks, a Sphinx, and a... Read more

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    Console: Surf’s Up

    5 November 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Hang five, dude! New Troop: Waverider The Waveriders of Merlantis have traditionally been both scouts and supports of their army. Fast through the water, and able to summon and ride waves, they are Merlantis’ eyes and ears. In times of battles, however, they use their speed to pull wounded allies from battle, deep into secret places where the... Read more

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    Deer Kitten

    5 November 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Don’t get left behind…. New Troop: Hind The Hind and the Princess: An Elven Tale Once upon a time, Princess Elspeth of Silverglade talked an Elven Hunter into capturing a Boar for her dinner. Wanting to impress his Princess, the Hunter travelled deep into the Silver Forest in search of the most magnificent boar in the Kingdom. Finally h... Read more