8.0 Update: Immortals

Immortals are a new type of Mythic Troop linked to the PvP Seasons (more on that further down) with a new unique levelling system.

  • When 8.0 Launches, we will have 10 Immortals available in Chests.
  • Each Immortal has its own unique currency, Immortal Souls – used for levelling it.
  • Unlike regular Troops, Immortals can only be unlocked or gain levels by earning and spending their Immortal Souls.
    Immortals unlock when a player earns 10 of its Immortal Souls.
  • Unlocked Immortals start at Level 1 (for all players, even if the player has VIP levels). A Level 1 Immortal has similar Skill Points to a Level 20 Mythic
    • This is so players can start using Immortals immediately upon unlock.
  • Immortals can be leveled to Level 30
    • Each level on an Immortal will unlock something new, this includes:
      • More Skill Points
      • The Immortals 3 Traits (and upgraded versions of these – see below)
      • Mana Cost reductions (similar to Shiny Troops),
      • A special Immortal Weapon, whose spell works with the Immortal Troop,
      • An Immortal Pet that also works with the Immortal Troop.
  • Immortal Weapons and Pets can only be upgraded by levelling their associated Immortal – they do not use ingots, or pet food, or duplicate copies.
  • Immortal Troops, Weapons, and Pets cannot be upgraded by Orbs.
  • At Level 30 Immortals unlock their Awakened Traits, which are more powerful versions of their Traits.
  • Once fully levelled, any excess Immortal Souls will be automatically converted into Burning Marks, as 1 Burning Mark for every 5 excess Immortal Souls.
  • Immortals have a home Kingdom and a home Region.
  • Immortals can ignore any restrictions in their home Region, allowing them to always be used within that region.
    • However, they do obey any Region restrictions in other regions.
  • Immortal Troops’ spells have a bonus effect that triggers when used in their home Region (mentioned in their spell description).
  • Only 1 Immortal can be active in a team at a time.
  • Players are able to view their Immortals in the Troop List, but Immortals also have their own menu on the left-hand side of the PvP world map, where players can view all Immortals available and manage the Immortals they own.
  • ‘New Immortals will be introduced with PvP Seasons, with each Season having a Featured Immortal that players will be able to collect Immortal Souls for from the season’s rewards.’New Immortals will be introduced with PvP Seasons, with each Season having a Featured Immortal that players will be able to collect Immortal Souls for from the season’s rewards.

The Immortals update introduces the final PvP Currency – Burning Marks. It also introduces the Burning Chests which can be opened with Burning Marks.

  • Burning Chests are a new Chest related to PvP
  • Burning Chests can be found on the left-hand side of the PvP World Map
  • It costs 10 Burning Marks to open a Burning Chest
  • Burning Marks can be earned in 3 ways:
    • PvP Season Pass
    • PvP Season Goals
    • Directly purchasing from the PvP Shop (this will have weekly limits)
  • Burning Chests will give one of the following:
    • 10 – 50 Immortal Souls for a random Immortal
    • 20 Gold Marks or 50 Silver Marks
    • 1 Bronze, Silver or Gold Icon
  • Icons are a new collectible resource that can be traded in for VP in the PvP Shop (in the Other Tab) or saved for the start of the New Season
  • Icons are worth the following amounts
    • Bronze Icon: 500 VP
    • Silver Icon: 1,500 VP
    • Gold Icon: 5,000 VP
  • Trading an Icon will earn the VP towards both your Weekly and Total VP amounts for the Season
  • Any Icons that have been saved or not used by the end of a Season will be auto-converted to 10% of their VP value when the new Season begins, giving players a means to get a headstart for the new Season.

As hinted back in the 7.3 update, we are introducing PvP Seasons to Gems of War. There are 2 parts to Season – Season Pass and Season Goals.

PvP Season Pass
  • PvP Seasons will last 11 weeks.
  • Each Season will have a Featured Immortal, which will be a new Immortal introduced that season.
  • Immortal Souls for this Featured Immortal can be earned from the Season Pass and Season Goals. Players will also have a chance to earn Immortal Souls for them from Burning Chests when their Season begins.
  • Players advance through Tiers in the Season Pass by earning VP in PvP battles during the season.
    • VP earned from trading in Icons will also count towards this.
  • There is only a single reward track, however some Tiers rewards are locked unless the player has the Premium Pass.
  • There are 90 Tiers in the Season Pass for players to achieve.
  • Season Pass rewards include things such as Immortal Souls for the Feature Immortal, Burning Marks, Talismans, Boosters, and other rewards.
  • Season Pass progress resets each Season.
Season Goals
  • Each Season will have a set of Goal Tasks for players to complete.
  • All Goals can be achieved by playing in the PvP system.
  • There are 3 levels to complete for each Goal – Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Completing a level for a Goal will give a reward of either Burning Marks, or Immortal Souls for the Featured Immortal.
  • Season Goals reset each Season.

The first PvP Season, the Season of Ice will begin 22nd of July, at weekly reset. Keep an eye out for a PvP Season blog with more information

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • 20,000 VPs Under the Sea: Earn 20,000 Victory Points in a PvP Season.
  • There Can Be Only 10: Upgrade an Immortal to Level 10.
  • Silver Marks and Gold Marks have had a visual update to match the new Burning Marks.
  • In the Resource Wallet we have created a new category called PvP where Silver Marks, Gold Marks, Monolith Sigils and Citadel Sigils, will be joining Burning Marks, and the 3 new Icons.
  • The Alliance Skill point boost for Alliances with 0 – 1 Citadels will now apply to those players’ teams on Defense at a reduced amount. (This bonus will add to the Blood Frenzy boost that applies to opponents in those regions).
    • 0 Citadels = 20% to PvP Defense
    • 1 Citadels = 10% to PvP Defense
  • We have added 2 new Citadel Guardians that will be encountered in their Home Regions the week after 8.0 releases:
    • Guardian of Innovation will be encountered in Aidania
    • Guardian of Ice will be encountered in Winter’s Reach
  • We will be offering an Alliance Grace Period for the first week of Season 1 – during this time players will be able to change Alliances without losing any VP or Loyalty.
    • From Monday, July 22nd at daily reset when the Season begins until the following Monday the 29th.
    • You can change Alliance more than once in this period
    • After daily reset on Monday the 29th, penalties will apply again if you change Alliance.
  • We have fixed an issue in the Trials menu where the screen was not scrolling along to match your cursor selection.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.