Epic Arena

Epic Arena and 1.0.6 Dated!

Another epic weekend event is here, along with a brand new (and perhaps adorable?) weapon, and at long last, a release date for patch 1.0.6! Read on for the details!

The Epic Arena Opens
ArenaEpic troops join the Arena for the first time this weekend! The crowd will be cheering as brand new line ups start appearing. Whether it’s Avina’s soul stealing staking, or Bul’Tauros leaving nothing but broken remains scattered across the ground, the tension of the Arena is set to reach all new heights. Who will you be hoping lands on your team?

The Epic Arena will only be available until the launch of 1.0.6, though it may return from time to time as a special event, so get in there and get fighting heroes!

New Weapon: The Bear Totem
Far away from the Arena, explorers have returned from expeditions to the mysterious Maugrim Woods out west. Shaken and tired, it’s been difficult to get much out of them, but they did have a peculiar item with them. Nicknamed the ‘Bear Totem’, it’ll crack open a skull, human or otherwise, as well as any giant hunk of wood. But this carving seems to contain its own secret powers. In the hands of a skilled warrior, it has the power to boost their arcane power to all new levels.

You receive the Bear Totem with any purchase of 7 or more Magic Keys from our in-game shop.

Double Gems Sale
Crazy Amounts of Gems!It’s time for one more sale before 1.0.6 launches, and we’re doing double Gems this weekend! Any purchase of gems will get 100% more than usual, so if you bought The Motherlode, you’d get 3000 instead of the usual 1500. Do you know how many gem filled socks you could make and then use as weapons with that? A LOT.

Patch 1.0.6 Goes Live June 3rd!
Patch 1.0.6 will be going live next week for Steam and the App Store! We almost feel compelled to write ‘No really, it will!’ here, because we know it’s been a long wait. We endlessly appreciate your patience as we get this done!

Google Play won’t be far behind, as we’re still in the approval process, but we expect it’ll be arriving a few days after 1.0.6’s launch to existing platforms. We’ll update you further once the date is locked down!