Event: Tangled Web

Our apologies to all the arachnophobes out there, but it’s time to hit the spider-infested forests of Zhul’Kari.

This will be the last event where you get to keep your PvP rank.  Since we just released worldwide last Thursday, the idea of resetting everybody felt a little mean.  In 2 weeks’ time though, when this event is done, you’ll all reset back to Rank 15, and receive some Souls, based on your Rank.  Higher ranks give more souls obviously.  Stay tuned to find out exactly how many Souls are up for grabs!

Here’s what you need to know about our new event:

1. There are new Glory Rewards in the shop

Check them out.  A new weapon, and a Spider Queen!

2, As mentioned, this is the last time you get to keep your current PvP Rank

So make the most of all that tasty Glory.

3. Glory carries over from one event to the next

As always!

4. We’ll be running this event for 2 weeks

The plan is to ultimately change the event once per week.  For now, while we’re just starting out, we’re going to keep them at 2 weeks apiece.


Enjoy the company of our eight-legged friends in the Tangled Web.