Holiday Event & Sale: Wreck the Halls

Happy Holidays, everyone! But beware! Ragnagord is here!

Every year, as the northern lands grow too cold for his tribe, Ragnagord and his Reindeer Horde, descend upon the southern reaches of Krystara in search of food. They’re here, and they’re hungry, so lock up your children and your pets, and maybe even convince Ragnagord to join your army if you have enough Glory. If not, you can also pick up his magical staff, Silent Night (no prizes for guessing what that does!

It’s not just time for a new event though; it’s also time for a Gem Sale! For a limited time, this Holiday Season, you can receive from 20% – 100% bonus Gems when purchasing from our in-game Store. Visit the Shop in Gems of War to learn more!

EVENT: Wreck the Halls

Ragnagord, the Reindeer Overlord, has invaded the Divinion Fields. He’s yours during this event for just 120 Glory! Earn Glory every day you log in, based on your PvP/Invasion Ranking! This event will run for 2 weeks (until Monday 5th January 2015). We’ll be switching over to weekly events some time early in the new year.

  • * Ragnagord (120 Glory): A new epic troop from Divinion Fields with a new spell, Blitz ‘Em, that explodes gems.
  • * Silent Night (60 Glory): A new epic weapon – only obtainable from this event
New Ragnagord Cards

New Ragnagord Cards

Steam Update

Steam Users should see a large-ish update come through. This contains a number of bug fixes and improved memory usage and one sneaky new improvement. (Sorry iOS folks, we’re waiting on Apple to approve an update containing these same things for you, but it looks like it will stretch into the new year). It contains fixes for the following things:

  • * Timer issues related to the system clock
  • * Missing Daily Bonuses
  • * Guild XP/Level Bar issues
  • * Improved Performance on the Guild Roster Menu

We’ve also given you ONE tiny bonus feature: you can now set your Hero’s weapon from the Team Setup Menu (before a puzzle). It’s coming on iOS in their next update too, but we’ve dropped this one out on Steam first (you guys had to wait a little for the game, so it only seemed fair we give you something first, even if it *is* only a small thing).