Kingdom Preview: Stormheim

Our first new kingdom is almost here – Stormheim, the Land of the Giants.

Set in the icy north-east, you’ll need to be level 25 to unlock Stormheim, but plenty of quests and challenges await you once you’ve done so! Keghammer, the Giant Slayer, will be waiting for you to join him, hunt some Giants, and drink some cheap ale!

So without delay, here’s a brief teaser for all the new troops that you’ll find in Stormheim’s icy fjords.

The Serpent

Stormheim – Common Troop

Descendents of one of the Old Gods, these giant serpents inhabit the fjords of Stormheim. Not only can they spray poison onto multiple enemies at once, but they can also spray red gems onto the board!

The Serpent

Stormheim – Rare Troop

These Giants live high in the mountains of Stormheim. They can throw their axes, which may lack in accuracy, but will deal an extra point of damage for every skull on the board.

The Serpent

Stormheim – Rare Troop

The Valkyries are spirits of battle, who gather the souls of fallen warriors, so it’s no surprise that they are an excellent inclusion in your squad if you’re looking to gather some extra Souls! Valkyries also create Blue Gems, abd are the only Troops whose Soul Collection abilities scale up with Magic.

The Serpent

Stormheim – Ultra Rare Troop

Champions amongst the Giants, the Berserkers have slightly higher skills than other equivalent troops. This is because their spell is unique; it deals a large amount of random damage, and buffs them, but also deals a small amount of damage to THEM too! So keep an eye on your Berserker’s health.

The Serpent

Stormheim – Epic Troop

Originally from the northern kingdom of the Frozen Caverns, Keghammer has slain over 100 Giants, and he’s now travelled to Stormheim in search of the most fearsome Giant ever – Jarl Firemantle. Keghammer’s unique skill not only damages an enemy, but also lowers their Magic skill. if you complete the Stormheim Quests, Keghammer will join you.

The Serpent

Stormheim – Legendary Troop

The mightiest creature in Stormheim, Jarl Firemantle (our first new Legendary Troop) is able to create large numbers of red and yellow gems as well as dealing targeted damage.