Gem Sale & New Quest

All is not well deep in the caverns of Khaziel. Stonehammer’s Vault has been opened and while Dwarvern traders have been quick to merchandize his legacy, the tunnel walls have been murmuring in fear as to what else might have been unleashed.

New Quest: Vault Breaker
The stones have called to Spark Grinder to warn him of impending danger. Team up with old friends to discover what the Dwarves have unwittingly unleashed and save Khaziel from an old threat reinvigorated by Stonehammer’s power! Best of all, earn yourself a new weapon, assuming your party doesn’t get torn limb from limb…
This new quest will be permanently available as part of Gems of War, accessible after completing both the first quest of Adana, and the end of the Khaziel storyline.

New Weapons: Sun & Moon, War & Peace
Are Stonehammer’s creations to blame for this new threat? No one knows, but two new dual-colored weapons have surfaced from the Vault. Get your hands on War & Peace by completing the Vaultbreaker quest, and Sun & Moon through a package purchase of 7 or more Magic Keys.Vault Breaker Weapons

Gem Sale: Get 50% More Gems!
Crazy Amounts of Gems!Stonehammer’s Vault also contained a good deal of Gems, and Dwarven merchants are passing the savings onto yooooooooooooou! These packs have so many Gems in them, competitors must think these Dwarves are crazy. Act now, before the Khaziel Guild of Merchants shuts down this madness on Monday!