Patch Notes: 1.0.2 a (Updated!)

We’ve used our elite ninja skills to hotfix a bunch of adjustments to troops.

For the most part, we intend to hold nerfs and buffs until we’re doing a new patch AND we intend to keep changes to a minimum. In this case however, with the game shiny new, and thousands of players finding inventive ways to exploit troop spells, we decided that a quick round of alterations was in order between patches. We apologise if your favorite troop took a hit with the nerf bat here; most of the changes were minor, but in the case of some troops (Crimson Bat, I’m looking at you!) a nerf was needed for the health of the game (he’s still good by the way, don’t worry Crimson Bat fans!)

UPDATE: Part #2 of this hotfix is happening on 25 November.  These are all really minor alterations. After this, the plan is to definitely reduce the number of tweaks happening to troops and weapons.  This rather large round of tweaks was necessary because we’re still relatively fresh out of the gate, and over a million games of Gems of War played so far have highlighted quite a few issues that could ONLY be found by such a large group of players!

Also – very importantly – we tweaked the Crimson Bat to add back a point of damage!



  • Gains 1 less Magic as he levels up.


  • Small increase to spell cost
  • Gains 1 less Armor and Health as he levels up.

Archon Statue

  • Bonus Spell Damage increased from 3 to 4
  • Base Life increased from 3 to 5
  • Gains 1 Life at level 10
  • No longer gains 1 Armor at Level 10
  • Gains 1 Magic at Level 3


  • Small decrease in spell cost


  • Increased base spell damage by 1

Crimson Bat

  • Decreased the base damage of his spell by 2.
  • Decreased to Magic and Health while levelling
  • Small reduction in spell cost to go along with the nerfs
  • Update added back in a point of Magic at level 5 as he levels (at max level he now steals 4 points from all enemies)

Flesh Golem 

  • Small increase to spell cost
  • Gains 1 less Magic and health as he levels

Goblin King*

  • Gains 1 less Magic as he levels


  • Increased the gems affected by 1.

Griffin Knight*

  • Decreased Gems created by 1


  • Small increase to spell cost
  • Gain 1 less Magic as he levels
  • Number of gems exploded reduced by 1

Keeper of Souls

  • Moderate increase to spell cost.
  • No longer gains Magic as he levels.

Lady Saphira

  • Moderate decrease in spell cost


  • Small increase to spell cost


  • Gains less Magic while levelling.
  • Increase base spell damage.


  • Gains 3 extra Magic while levelling.
  • Moderate decrease in spell cost.
  • Increased the upper range of his spell damage

Rock Wyrm

  • Now creates 7 Gems at all Levels
  • Now has damage scaling off his Magic (from 3 to 6).

Sabertooth Lion*

  • Moderate increase in spell cost.
  • Increased Magic gained from a kill from 1 to 2


  • Moderate increase in spell cost.
  • Increase base damage of spell by 1
  • Increased magic while levelling by 1 (further increasing his spell damage)

Shadow Dragon

  • Increased the base damage of his spell by 1.
  • Now gains 3 Magic while levelling.


  • Decreased the number of gems converted by 1.


  • Moderate increase of spell cost
  • Small reduction in the number of gems affected.


  • Small increase in spell cost
  • Gains 1 less Magic while levelling.
  • Gains 1 less Health while levelling
  • Decreased the number of skulls created by 1


  • Moderate decrease in spell cost

The Silent One

  • Bug Fix: No longer gains Magic as he levels (he wasn’t using it anyway)
  • Moderate increase to spell cost.


  • Small increase in spell cost.


  • Gains 1 less Magic while levelling.



Black Dagger*

  • Small increase in spell cost.

Wicked Scythe*

  • Small decrease in spell cost.

Spirit Staff*

  • Small increase in spell cost

Staff of the Magis*

  • Small increase in spell cost

Oprheus’ Dischord*

  • Small increase in spell cost

Nysha’s Skull*

  • Small increase in spell cost
  • Lowered the number of Skulls created significantly


* Denotes changes made in in the Update #2