Patch Preview 1.0.3

Patch 1.0.3 will be hitting the servers soon, so we thought everyone might enjoy seeing what’s coming up. We’ll step through the major features here, looking at each one in some detail. Final numbers may still be tweaked here and there, but this will definitely give you an indication of what’s in store.

1. Troops can now level to 15

Five more levels for extra power. To account for the fact that rarer cards generally are more powerful, cards will now cost extra Souls to level the rarer they are. The good news is that may help us see a bit more variety in a lot of the lineups.

Level 15 Troops

2. Heroes now gain stats after level 50

Actually we’ve snuck this change in already, You may have noticed your heroes gaining more stats at 60, 70, 80, and onwards.This helps offset the fact that troops have some added power now too.

  • * +1 LIFE at levels 60,90,200,750
  • * +1 ATTACK at levels 80, 300, 1000
  • * +1 ARMOR at levels 70, 150, 400
  • * +1 MAGIC at levels 100, 500
3. You can disenchant multiple troops

Ever used a few keys at once, and then had to search through your troop list to disenchant the extras? No longer! Now, when you disenchant, you have a choice of three things:

  • * Disenchant a single troop like you did before
  • * Disenchant all extra troops of this type, down to x1
  • * Disenchant all extra troops of ALL types, down to x1

New Disenchant Options

4. Your Home Kingdom now has a DEFENDERS button

It used to be difficult to know who was defending your Kingdom while you were off attending to more mundane matters. Now we’ve added the DEFENDERS button to the Home Kingdom, you never need to be confused again (except maybe about algebra, but that’s okay)

Defenders Button

If you select that shiny new DEFENDERS button, you’ll be taken to this menu. You can now select which banner will defend your Kingdom from invaders.

Defenders Menu

5. Weekly Events now reset PvP rank, and award souls

We’re still figuring out the exact rewards, but the higher your rank, the more Souls you’ll get! Then it’s everybody back to rank 15 and off we go again! This change will take effect even if the patch has not been released at the end of the current event. You won’t see the message about receiving Souls if that’s the case, but you WILL still get the Souls.

6. We finally have a News Menu

We have added a menu that we can use to pass information on to all of our players. It’ll save everybody needing to read a website or forum to keep up to date with anything important.

So when is Patch 1.0.3 exactly? It’s difficult for us to say. We need to send it to Apple for approval and that will likely take longer than a week. We certainly can’t release features like extra troop levels on one platform first! So stay tuned and we’ll keep you all updated via the website and via Facebook/Twitter/Google+ when it’s coming.