1.0.5 Patch Preview

Patch Preview 1.0.5

Patch 1.0.5 should be arriving shortly, and we’re as excited as a fire-breathing Dragon in a cave full of highly-flammable, bacon-wrapped Halflings!
We’ve scheduled maintenance for the servers at 4pm PST on Wednesday 11th February. Servers should be down for no more than one hour while we apply the update.
So, along with a bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements, here are the BIG changes you can look forward to…

1. Collecting Gold and Tribute

We all know how annoying it is to collect 5 Gold Pieces from EVERY SINGLE ONE of your kingdoms! Well you don’t have to do that any longer. All Gold is now collected from your HOME kingdom with a single tap or click! You can collect it once per hour, and much like before it can build up for 24 hours.

We didn’t want to stop there though… we wanted to make collecting your income more exciting. So we’ve added the TRIBUTE system. Tribute is simple… the more kingdoms you own, the more chance you have of receiving a special gift from one of those kingdoms. These gifts might be Gold, Souls, or Glory, and when you own a LOT of Kingdoms, if more than one send Tribute, you might get some Gems and Iron Keys too! The chance for each kingdom to send you Tribute is small, but it increases with a KINGDOM’S LEVEL. You can read more about it below.

105 Preview - Tribute

Demand Tribute!

2. Kingdom Levels

You can now level up all of your individual kingdoms. Why would you want to do this? Well, there are some pretty exciting bonuses to collect!

First though… HOW do you level up a Kingdom? A Kingdom’s level is determined by 3 things: You get +1 Level for completing the Quest Line, +1 Level for mastering the 7 challenges in a Kingdom, and +1 Level for every troop in that Kingdom which reaches level 15.

So what bonuses can you expect? Every level of a Kingdom improves your chance of getting Tribute by +1%. Levels also give you skill/mastery bonuses for all of your troops when you’re fighting IN that kingdom; that includes Invasions, and it ALSO applies to your troops left DEFENDING your kingdom in your absence (so it’s well worth levelling your Home Kingdom first).

105 Preview - Kingdom Levels

Kingdom Levels

3. The Arena

This is our personal favorite feature of 1.0.5.

First you need to complete the Quests in Broken Spire. After that, if you visit Broken Spire, and pay 1000 Gold to enter the arena, you’ll be allowed to choose one Common Troop (from 3 randomly picked cards), one Rare Troop (from 3 randomly picked cards), and one Ultra-Rare Troop (again, from 3 randomly picked cards). Add your Hero, and start fighting other players who have done the same!

If you lose twice, you’re out (disconnects and retreats DO count as losses in here), otherwise see if you can get to 8 wins to claim the grand prize, which includes Souls, Trophies, Gold, and Keys! As a bonus, if you did well, you can choose to purchase your squad of level 10 troops, after the Arena is over, for a discounted price of Gems.

105 Preview - Arena

The Arena

4. Changes to Invasion and Defense

Remember how you can collect Gold every hour? Well other players can now Invade you and steal a portion of that uncollected gold! Don’t worry though, you can win it back if you play a successful Defense when you log back in.

Speaking of Defenses, we’ve added one really cool feature to the Defend button. While you are offline, the game now records all of your defenses, successful or not, and if your troops won Gold, Souls, Gems of Keys for you while you were away, they’re yours as soon as you log back in!

And for anybody who is wondering… Armor Bonuses DO NOT apply to Gold won back from a successful Defense (though they DO apply to all other Gold won in the battle, just as before). Armor Bonuses DO also apply to gold pilfered when invading, so if you find a high level player who hasn’t collected gold for a while, and you’re wearing Dragon Armor… you just hit the jackpot!

105 Preview - Defense

Defense Rewards

5. New Shop Items

As requested by you, we’ve removed the Bundles Tab from the shop (it may be returning later), and replaced it with Souls. If you just want some Souls to level some troops now, you can purchase them directly. This saves players going through the rigmarole of buying keys, then opening chests, and disenchanting troops JUST to get the Souls. On average, Souls purchased this way should give you a few extra than you would get by buying keys too.

We’ve also added a Starter Pack for new players outside of the shop. You will see this pop up at some stage, and also see an icon on the left of your menu, labelled ‘Special Offer’. This is only available to new players and players who have not made a purchase yet, and vanishes forever after you’ve spent some money. We may add more special offers for higher-level players like this in future too!

Souls for Sale!

Souls for Sale!