Holiday Gem Sale

Eggsplosion! Gem Sale and Double XP

Great news, Heroes! We’ve got a holiday event running from Friday April 3rd to Monday April 6th, and it has something for everybody.


All Gem Packages in our store give DOUBLE the Gems over the holiday weekend. That’s 3000 Gems if you purchase a Motherlode!

Double Gems


During this event, all battles and quests give DOUBLE XP. Need to level faster? Then make sure you play some Gems of War over the holiday break!


We saved the best for last. Meet our newest Legendary Weapon, EGGSPLOSION!

Once per year the Dragon Bunnetraxis lays a clutch of brightly-colored eggs in the mountains near Khaziel, and it is believed that if these eggs ever hatch, that a plague of her offspring will descend upon Krystara. So every year, the Dwarves of Khaziel go hunting these eggs and bring them home as prizes. Now is YOUR chance to get one of Bunnetraxis’ eggs!

Eggsplosion is unlocked whenever you purchase a package of 7 or more Magic Keys from our in-game store, starting at 95 Gems for the 7-key package (you can only get Eggsplosion once per account).