Gems of War – A Sneak Peek

Okay, our welcome message was heavy on the fluffy stuff, and light on the details. That doesn’t matter though, because Squeaker the Goblin and his crew, the Zaejin Special Acquisition Team, have managed to smuggle out some more information and post it on their news site, WikiSqueaks. For your convenience, it’s copied below:

1. We Have Heroes!

In Gems, you get to play as a hero in the world of Krystara. Your hero collects lots of stuff, including troops, weapons, and costumes, and gradually grows in power as you play the game. The hero can customize their gender, their look, their race, and their outfit, and will usually be the most powerful troop you control.

Customizing a Hero

Customize your Hero

2. Heroes Collect Troops!

Heroes love nothing better than gathering up a few random strangers and charging off into battle… no wait, that’s an MMO! Our heroes actually collect these strangers… no wait, that just sounds creepy. Look, it’s simple… you collect troops and take them into battle with you., and each of these troops has their own unique spell that turns a match-3 puzzle game into tactical battle-to-the-death!

Troop Collection

Over 100 troops to collect!

3. We have LOTS of Kingdoms!

Krystara is made up of many kingdoms – each one with unique quests, troops, and challenges. When you unlock a new Kingdom, you get tons of stuff to do. How do you unlock a Kingdom? Gain some levels and save some gold. It’s as easy as that.


World of Krystara

Conquer the World!

4. You can PvP until your Eyes Fall Out!

Actually PvP won’t make your eyes fall out – not in Gems of War anyway – but you get our drift. There is a global PvP ranking system where you can battle all the way to rank 1. Being highly ranked in PvP each week will earn you Glory which can be spent on special rewards.

PvP Time

Battle Other Players

That’s it for our sneak peek. We hope that’s given you a taste of what’s in store!