Maugrim Troop Preview Part 1

Maugrim Woods Troop Preview Part 1

Hi Adventurers ! CrowdedWorlds here with an update on the brand new troops that will be coming to you soon! As you know, you’ll be venturing forth to Maugrim Woods in the coming update, where new quests, troops, and a totally new status effect await. Today we thought we’d share two of these new troops, along with the new effect ‘Hunter’s Mark’ that we mentioned last preview.

New Troop: Cockatrice

Laid from a rooster and left to incubate under the belly of a toad, the Cockatrice’s Stone Song will entangle their enemy, leaving them unable to attack. While they struggle against the bird’s chorus, they’ll also be completely drained, leaving your entangled enemies scrabbling for Mana.
New Troop: Direwolf
The Direwolf and its new ‘Hunter’s Mark’ effect aids you in scoping out an enemy and delivering maximum damage to them. When applied, any enemy marked will take double damage from skull matches, making it a strong tool for working your way through your opponents team.

Let us know your thoughts on these new troops in the comments below, and we’ll be back to bring you more troop previews before 1.0.6 arrives! In the meantime, try not to get consumed by Cthyryzyx’s insanity!