Summer Festival

The Festival of Fire Seasonal Event Begins!

Summer is rapidly arriving, and the Festival of Fire is happening across Krystara this weekend! It also means the appearance of the Summer Imp, a seasonal creature that only appears in the warmer months. Read on for everything happening this weekend, and how you can get the Summer Imp in your team!

New Troop: The Summer Imp
Summer Imp

The Summer Imp has appeared! This Imp is a mysterious, rarely-seen troop whose fury knows no bounds. Some might mistake its small stature as no threat, but with magic powers that rapidly build each time it kills, the Summer Imp is a ticking timebomb. You can also summon yourself a free Summer Imp by buying a package of 7 or more Magic Keys this weekend! If you’re feeling lucky, the Summer Imp may also be found in chests!


Limited Time Event: The Festival of Fire

Welcoming in Summer is Krystara’s Festival of Fire, a special event that takes place this weekend only. Aside from the traditional burning of the past Winter’s clothes, it’s also said that battling with a Summer Imp in your team will earn you double XP and 10 bonus Souls in any battle.

New Feature: Seasonal Troops
Elemental Shield

The Summer Imp is part of the seasonal family of Imps, which are only available to join your ranks during their season. Once Summer is over, anyone who missed out will have to wait until the following year. It’ll also mean that the Fall Imp will arrive once the leaves begin to yellow!

New Balance Changes
Balance Changes

With patch 1.0.6 on the horizon, we’re unleashing new balance changes ahead of its release, in response to feedback from Krystara’s heroes. You can check out the full details in the patch notes, but safe to say the battlefield is going to start looking a lot more diverse in the coming days!

50% Bonus Gems in all Gem Packs

To round off this massive event, all Gems Packs will contain 50% extra Gems! Whether you’ve been admiring a new set of armour or simply want to train up your team to maximum level, this weekend is the time to make it happen!