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    CONSOLE: Freaky Fairies

    14 May 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Can’t sleep, faeries will eat me. New Troop: Nyx The Nyxes of Pan’s Vale live in the shadows of the deepest valleys, in the dark waters that swirl around and pass down through the woods into the sea by Zaejin. They are small, but vicious, with teeth sharp enough to rend any Goblins that might stray their way, pulling them... Read more

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    Blizzard Lizard

    14 May 2017 , by Saltypatra

    New Troop: Frost Lizard All lizards are cold-blooded, but some are just more cold-blooded than others. Often referred to as the “Children of Borealis”, they are no relation to Queen Mab’s ally, the majestic Frost Dragon. Frost Lizards, probably through some fey magic, live a life quite the opposite of most reptiles; as it grows co... Read more

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    CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approach...

    12 May 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Meet the Ancient God of Khetar. New Mythic Troop: Pharos-Ra Before the wars ruined Khetar, before the Keeper of Souls made his home there, before even the Settites, Anubites, and Bastites had built their first temples… Pharos-Ra walked the lands , raising life from the dust. While few cults remain to worship him today, they all fervently beli... Read more

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    CONSOLE: 3.0 Patch Notes

    12 May 2017 , by GoldPhoenix0

    Welcome to Console 3.0… Guild Wars Overview * Players can access Guild Wars via the Guild Wars Button on the Guild Menu. Registration * The top 2 ranks of guild members are the only ones able to register their guild for Guild Wars. * Guilds need to register for the next Guild War before the weekly changeover. If a guild... Read more

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    CONSOLE: The Bogstein Strangle...

    7 May 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Don’t go into the Marshes at Night…. New Troop: Marsh Strangler When Marsh Stranglers fight, it’s called an Angry Strangler Battle And when they battle at an angle, it’s an Angry Strangler Angled Battle. AND… When Marsh Stranglers battle and they mangle and entangle, they call it an Angry Strangler mangle tangle battle... Read more