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    CONSOLE: Pop Goes The Weasel

    17 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Round and round the mulberry bush… New Troop: Princess Fizzbang Blessed with magical powers at birth, Princess Fizzbang teleported from her mother’s womb with a strange magical “zzapp!”, causing the midwives to give her the name “Fizzbang”. Her mother, Queen Grapplepot, approved of the name, possibly due to the j... Read more

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    Dragon Magic

    17 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    An elegant magic for a more civilized age. New Troop: Asha Asha – full name, Ashalindellasaura – like all Red Dragonians, is a priest of the Dragon Soul. One of the tasks of the Priests is to guard the precious Dragon eggs. Unfortunately, due to the recent theft of the eggs, Asha was exiled from her home, and is now... Read more

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    CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approach...

    15 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    New Mythic Troop: Euryali Many centuries ago, a special Naga child was hatched. She was half snake, half humanoid, like her mother, but she had the most wondrous set of wings. It was widely believed, though never confirmed, that the father was Undine, God of the Sea. Her mother named her Euryali, and as she grew, it soon became apparent... Read more

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    Bear Necessities

    10 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    The simple bear necessities… New Troop: Urska Savage Not all the Urska live in palaces like King Mikhail. One the fringes of Urskaya, the tribes are still wild, primitive, and savage. They are extremely territorial, and will react violently to any and all intruders. In particular, on the southern borders of Urskaya, the tribes have trouble wi... Read more

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    CONSOLE: New Kingdom – U...

    8 September 2017 , by Saltypatra

    New Kingdom: Urskaya Welcome to the home of the Urska, and their King, Mikhail. Visit Baba Yaga, to learn about the strange dreams that have been plaguing your sleep, punch lots of bears, take their stuff, and collect 7 new troops including: the Leshy, the Urskatyr, the Domovoi, the Vodyanoi, and Yaga’s Hut, along with Baba Yaga and King Mikh... Read more