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Dial up the damage this week…

New Troop: Tuskar

The Tuskars of the Pridelands are large slow creatures who live in small family groups. Usually peaceful, they can be extremely dangerous if startled, trampling their foes.
Also, they never forget…

New Troop: Sunsail

Sunsails can be seen year round in the Pridelands, stretched out in the midday sun. Cold-blooded creatures, they use their large sails to help regulate their body heat.
Although they don’t look incredibly dangerous, their bite can leave a nasty infection.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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"Don't go into the Marshes at Night.... Lest you be caught by the Marsh Strangler this week on Pc/Mobile!… https://t.co/CN6WbxHYO0"
"Join the wandering monk on her journey through the Leonis Empire this week on PS4/XBox1! https://t.co/rOMWikrK71 https://t.co/pfAl2c94r8"

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