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    A New Mythic Approaches –...

    3 March 2017 , by Saltypatra

    New Mythic Troop: Ketras The Bull In times of great need, the Soothsayers of the WIld Plains can summon the might Ancestral Spirit of Ketras the Bull to lend them aid. Ketras appears as a mighty winged bull, wielding an axe as large as a Tauros Chieftain. It is said that with every swing of his axe, he can sweep...

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    CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

    28 February 2017 , by GoldPhoenix0

    Welcome to Console 2.2… New Event System * There are 3 types of Events that can be run. They may be available all at once, or at different times: Troop Bonus Events: * Troop Skills get increased by 25% * These events can be based on either Troop Type (like Knight or Dragon), or Troop Kingdom (like Khetar or Adana),...

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    CONSOLE: Wax On, Wax Off

    26 February 2017 , by Saltypatra

    Seek enlightenment! New Troop: Wandering Monk The deserts of the Leonis Empire are an unwelcoming place for most creatures, but the Empire is home to one group of folk who seek out the peace and tranquility found there. The Wandering Monks of Nur’Haj take to the desert once every year, to renew their monastic vows, and find wisdom in the...

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