107 Update Out Now

1.0.7 Out Now !

The 1.0.7 update is here, featuring new Troop Collection and Team Management. But this update goes well beyond that, so read on for all the details!

New Troop Collection Management
The new Troop Collection screen will make it faster and easier to find the Troops you’re looking for, and you can build teams directly from this screen!New Troop Collection

Full features include:
– A new look for Troop Cards!
– Can now sort troops by Name, Level, Rarity, or skills/stats.
– Can now filter troops by man color and kingdom
– Can search for cards by name
– Weapon List now part of the Troop Collection. It lives on a separate tab on the screen.
– Can now create and modify teams from the Troop collection screen.

New Team Management
The revamped Team system makes it easier to run multiple Teams, and removes a lot of the previous constraints Heroes had when building teams.Team Bonuses

Full features include:
– Team slots are unlocked while levelling up. (Up to 21 Teams are possible to make).
– Can give teams Personal Names
– Troop combinations in teams will now give bonuses
– Team bonus can either come from Mana color, Troop Type or Troop Kingdom
– Banners can be assigned to a Team
– Banners can be used on more than 1 Team at any time
– Banners now give Mana bonuses instead of the skills/stats to kingdom troops
– Banners have had a recolor to reflect what mana bonus they give
– On the Bonus screen, the Suggest a Troop Button will recommend a troop to fit your team

New Kingdom Levelling, Tribute, and Bonus Systems
Aside from a major face lift to the related menus, Kingdoms are now easier to understand. While some things are significantly different, such as the levelling system, all your progress to date is carried forward to the new systems. Huzzah!Kingdom Bonus

Kingdom Levelling
– Leveling Kingdoms is now easier to do and understand. Kingdoms can now be leveled by paying the gold cost. (Kingdom max level is still 10)
– All current Kingdom levels will be carried over to the new system in 1.0.7.
– On the Kingdom Level screen, you will be able to see clearly the benefits you gain from the kingdom’s current level.

Improved Tribute System
– Tributes for each Kingdom is now easier to understand. Each kingdom will list what Tribute it can give and display the chance of a tribute from that kingdom.
– Home Kingdoms will give double the tribute rewards you earn for that kingdom.

Kingdom Bonuses
– Kingdom Bonuses now apply to every battle instead of only applying to battles in that Kingdom.
– Kingdoms will now give a boost to Gem Masteries (based on the Kingdom’s primary color).
– Mana Bonuses have been moved to Banners to make it easier for players to create and play with teams.
– Kingdoms unlock a permanent Stat Bonus when they reach level 10.
– All level 10 Kingdoms will grant their stat bonus not just your Home Kingdom.

You will also find a ‘Collection’ button that you can’t access as part of this update. We’ll be doing something with that in a future update!

New Hero Menu
The Hero Menu has also seen a massive redesign this update to improve on clarity and give you more options! Like Kingdoms, you will also find a Collection button deactivated, which will be made use of in a future update. For now though…Hero Masteries

Gem Masteries
– Display of Gem Masteries has been improved for clarity.
– Players will better understanding of their Mana Surge Chance.
– Each Mastery has rotating text underneath that show a breakdown of their Gem Masteries from each Source (Hero, Guild, Kingdoms etc.)

Difficulty Settings
– Players can now choose a difficulty to play
– Hard Difficulty and Up will revert the AI back to its cheating ways
– Warlord Difficulties will give enemy troops increased stats.
– Playing on a higher difficulties will give increase XP, Gold and Soul rewards.
– Difficulty will currently affect PVP matches

Scouting Enemy Teams
In this update, you can scout ahead of battle and deploy the best suited team!
– Scouting is now available before battles to reveal the enemy’s team.
– Scouting can be used in PVP, Quest and Challenges Battles. Scouting is not available in the Arena.
New Troop Types
A swaith of new Troop types come in 1.0.7, and all troops now have an associated type!

The new troop types are…
– Construct
– Divine
– Dwarf
– Elf
– Giant
– Human
– Knight
– Marauder
– Monster
– Wildfolk

Along with that, some troops will be getting type change as part of the update

Troop 1.0.6 1.0.7
Behemoth Beast Monster
War Sphinx Beast Monster
Mist Stalker Beast Monster
Cockatrice Beast Monster
Night Terror Daemon Monster
Chimera Beast Monster
Rock Worm Beast Monster
Crimson Bat Undead Monster
Sacred Guardian Beast Divine
New World Map UI
– Shop Button has been removed but can still be access from pressing + button on Gold and Gems Bar
– Invade and Defend has merge together to form a new PVP Button, both accessible from the new PVP menu.
– News can be now brought up at any time using the News button
– News Menu has been redesigned and improved.
– Hero level and portrait is now located in the top left corner of the screen
– XP, Souls and Gold amounts is now shown under the under hero levels. This will change to show any bonuses the hero has (either from Armor, Difficulty, and Events etc.)
New PVP Menu
– PVP Defenders can now be set from here instead of a player’s home kingdom.
– Defends has been rename Revenge
– Bottom of the screen will display how much time is left for current event
– Trophy button on bottom left corner will display the rewards for each rank and your current rank.
Other Changes
– Increase game speed in Puzzle Games
– Guild Chat now in separate tab in Guild Activity
– Redeem function has been added to Shop Menu. Players will be able to use codes, given away by the team, to redeem in-game rewards.
Major Bug Fixes
– Addressed problem with Gem Spammers/ Transformers
– Fixed issue with Exploder spells
– Fixed ! mark on Invade button, now appears on the new PVP Button
– Fixed Opponent getting the first move issue
– Fixed Issue where some player were only starting with 14 turns in the Treasure Hunt mini game

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