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Patch 1.0.8 is here! Get all the details of what’s new and what’s changed below!


  • * The Chest Screen has been redesigned!
  • * There are now 5 different chests.
    • Gold Chests: Can be opened using gold. Gold chests have a chance to give Common Troops, Rare Troops, Common Traitstones, Rare Traitstones, or Resources.
    • Gem Chests: Can be opened using gems. Gem chests have a chance to give Ultra-Rare or better Troops, or Ultra-Rare or better Traitstones. Gems chests have a 4x chance to get Legendaries, compared to the 3x chance of the old Magic Keys.
    • Event Chests: Can be opened using Gems. Rewards are influenced
    • VIP Chests: Can only be access by VIP Members
  • * Chests can now be opened 1 chest at a time, or in groups of 10 and 50.
  • * Chests now give only 1 reward rather than the previous 3.
  • *Player who have left over keys will gain new keys from the new system
    • Iron Keys = 1 Glory Key + 2 Gold Keys
    • Magic Keys = 1 Gem Key + 2 Gold Keys
  • *Players not wanting to sit through all the chests opening, will be able to use a button to skip through the chest opening and go straight to the list showing all the rewards earnt.
  • *Chest rewards also now include Traitstones and Resources, based on the chest opened.
  • *Please Note: That any troops that have been ascended, will appear in chests as their original rarity.

Troop Upgrading

  • *A new crafting button will now appear when tapping on a troop card, taking the player to a new menu where they can improve their troops, disenchant them or view their Skills.
  • *Player can level their troops either by single level or to the highest level possible (based on rarity and souls).
  • *Troops have 2 new means of improvement:
    • Ascending: which uses copies of a troop to increase its rarity.
    • Traits: Passive effects that can be unlocked using Traitstones.
  • *Players can use copies of a troop to increase that troop’s rarity, called Ascending. The number of copies need to ascend to the next rarity increases each time a troop is ascended.
  • *Ascended troops gain +1 to all their Stats (except for Magic).
  • *Once a troop has been ascended, that troop will always be that rarity (even if the troop is earnt from chests).
  • *Troops can now gain levels above Level 15, depending on their rarity (Common troops’ max level is still 15). The Highest rarity, Mythic, can be raised to level 20.
  • *Players can also now unlock up to 3 traits on a troop using Traitstones.
  • *Traitstones can be gain from unlocking Chests or as random drops from battles.
  • *Traits are passive effects that will add the Player in battles. Some will trigger when the battle begins or ends, others may trigger during the battle, while others may have requirements to trigger.
  • *The Traitstone costs are based on the troop’s original rarity and Mana color(s) used.
  • *Disenchant ascended troops, will only give souls equal to their original base rarity.
  • *With extra copies of troops being used in ascension, the Disenchant all option has been remove. It may come back in a future update after consideration.
  • *Disenchant threshold on troop cards has been removed.


  • *Kingdoms have gain a graphic update to on the World Map. Changing the way Kingdom Levels are displayed.
  • *Kingdoms now gain Power Levels, each Power level is represented by a Star (with a maximum of 5 Stars).
  • *Each Power Level earnt will grant:
    • Bonuses to Gold per Day
    • Double the Tribute Reward
    • Double the Tribute Chance
    • Double the Kingdom’s Skill Bonus
  • *Players can unlock Kingdom Power Levels by:
    • Collecting Kingdom Troops
    • Ascending and leveling kingdom troops
    • Unlocking Traits on kingdom troops
  • *Kingdoms still upgrade with gold. Power levels don’t after Kingdom levels.

VIP System

  • *Players can now earn VIP points from spending real money on the game. Any Player who has spent money in the past, will earn 5 VIP points for every $1 spent.
  • *VIP points allow the player to gain VIP levels.
  • *VIP Level will be displayed on the World Map next to Hero name and level.
  • *Each VIP level gives different rewards, including:
    • Bonus to XP/ Gold/ Souls earnt from battles (on top of any bonuses gain from difficulty or Armor)
    • Bonus to Gold to Daily Login Bonus
    • Bonus to Gems bought from the Shop (this excludes Bundles, Special Offers & Daily Gems)
    • Daily Glory Key (earning more daily glory keys at higher levels)
    • Free Scouting
    • New troops start at higher levels
  • *VIP members will have exclusive access to the VIP Chests at VIP Level 5.


  • *Shop menu has been redesigned.
  • *Removed Weekly Kingdom Offer pop ups, they now will appear in to Specials Tab in the shop.
  • *Beginner and Intermediate Pack Offers have changed, as well as adding new Advance Packs. However these new offers are timed and once the timer runs out they will not appear again.


  • *Shop button has returned to the world map.
  • *Players are able to change the gem speed between the current faster version and the original slow version, using a toggle button in the Settings menu.
  • *Souls Rewards from the Arena have been rebalanced.
  • *Iron Keys in the arena have been changed to the new Glory Keys.
  • *Iron and Magic Keys in Treasure Hunt mini game have been changed to Glory and Gem Keys.
  • *Successful invasions now instantly reward 3 Glory.

Balance Changes

  • *Team Bonuses now need unique troops to activate.
  • *AI troops will start unlocking traits as the player’s Hero levels up.
Notable Bug Fixes

  • *Mouse Wheel Scrolling now works on Steam version.
  • *Fixed performance issue on older iOS devices.
  • *Fixed issue where Team bonuses were displaying incorrectly.
  • *Fixed an issue where troops were disappearing in Battles when they cast their spells.
  • *Fixed a rare occurrence where the game would forget a team after it was created.

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30 Comments ON " 1.0.8 Arrives! "
  • alt_example

    R1979USS December 17, 2015 at 07:30 - Reply

    PS4 ???

  • alt_example

    Eyeson December 17, 2015 at 07:36 - Reply

    What the fuck after the update my 28 keys are gone?!

  • alt_example

    Hunter December 17, 2015 at 07:40 - Reply

    So did anyone else not get their keys converted? I just lost all mine.

  • alt_example

    R1979USS December 17, 2015 at 09:23 - Reply

    When is on PS4 ?

  • alt_example

    Dito December 17, 2015 at 12:17 - Reply

    @R1979USS Console (Xbox one / PS4) Are currently on patch 1.0.6 i believe while pc/mobile just got 1.0.8 so to answer you probably a while.

    But it better this way because as it stand with iron key and how easy it is to make gold youl be able to earn more card that way.

  • alt_example

    mikey December 17, 2015 at 13:08 - Reply

    Did the amount of gems you get for multi kingdom tribute dropped?, i think i don’t get them as much as before the patch. Can You give us exact amounts?

  • alt_example

    teal December 17, 2015 at 14:16 - Reply

    This game just changes the game into an endless grind. New resources to grind get introduced and the old resources are now more difficult to obtain. Keys get weakened (the changes weaken them a lot), gem-gain obviously got reduced massively, the value of honor and gold diminishes with prices for everything rising significantly.
    The only way to counter this is by investing money and while it is okay to ask for some money to keep the company running the amount needed here is too high for me. I am sorry dear devs, I really liked your game, but this is the point where I quit.
    Good luck

  • alt_example

    KatsikasPro December 17, 2015 at 15:02 - Reply

    How many point do I need to get the 1 level VIP?

  • alt_example

    teal December 17, 2015 at 18:12 - Reply

    Round about 10€ in points.
    They didn’t publish the numbers, but I think you either need 100€ or way more than 500€ for lvl 10 vip, depending on whether it scales or not.

  • alt_example

    farruko December 17, 2015 at 18:28 - Reply

    ya esta en ps4 yo lo tengo. pero va por la actualizazion 1.03 no esta la 1.08

  • alt_example

    Isfan December 17, 2015 at 18:53 - Reply

    My daily consecutive login bonus was lost today, even though I played the new version a lot yesterday.

    Few things I see in the notes here:
    You forgot to list Glory chests under the 5 types of chests (Gold, Gems, Event and VIP are mentioned).
    By “Gem speed” I assume you mean “Game speed”.
    No notes on the changes to PVP system. I’ve had a few games disappear on my iPod when the screen got locked and now those count as losses? If I had known that, I would have been much more careful with playing on a mobile device.

  • alt_example

    Zelarith December 18, 2015 at 13:10 - Reply

    Just used 150 gem keys… That’s 1350 gems (almost 100€) and I got no legendaries for absolutely no legendaries. Seems pretty messed up to me for a “*4 chances to get a legendary”. I bet drop rate have been drastically reduced due to the fact that chests also contains random loots such as gold, soul and glory. So you can just expect to never get any legendaries as a free player anymore (except by ascension or as weekly glory purchasable reward)

  • alt_example

    Krampus December 18, 2015 at 17:05 - Reply

    First the good: the new crafting system is nice, and traits are a nice addition as well. Kingdom power is a good bonus for heavy players.

    Chests- I think one idea here was to find an inoffensive way to devalue the keys given via tribute and occasional gem match. Instead of an iron key (worth one glory and two gold keys). You now get one gold key, which we can say is worth about 1/5 of an old iron key. But that was before trait stones, and other currency rewards were added to water them down further. Now buying a gold key can win you…. Half as much gold as you spent. Same trait stone problem for all keys.

    Suggestions: Keep traitstones as a separate chest type from creatures. Add gold ‘gambling’ chests (if you want to keep that mechanic) and remove gold, soul, and glory rewards from gold chests. Combine gold and glory chests and make purchasable with either (at different amounts). Winning a key used to be exciting, but now they are more or less junk. You can work through a treasure map, win a key, and now you win…..one minor traitstone.

    Adding high level progression for your best customers is a great idea, but with the key changes its going to take new players so long to get new creatures that they will bail before getting hooked and thinking about becoming paying customers.

  • alt_example

    Hunter December 18, 2015 at 22:24 - Reply

    The arena is essentially worthless now that they halved the soul reward. and keys seem to have a 50% drop rate of random crap now. Well I’m about done with this game.

  • alt_example

    ==Nono2506== December 18, 2015 at 23:39 - Reply

    I am a level 331 player so I have played the game for quite a length of time. I love, well used to love this game until this new patch arrived.

    I am a casual player, play a couple of games a day to pass some time. I loved all the changes and regular updates and how quick you rebalance things. The ability to grind a little to save up gems and keys and everything else was the fun part for me. It wasn’t too much of a grind either and i felt like it wasn’t pushing me to pay for anything. I did pay at some points especially when those offers came around hence why I am level 5 vip player.

    The reasons I do not like the game now as the grind has increased more… Beyond what a casual player can do without having to result to buying. The fact how you can get troops now has been seriously screwed up. Also I am now up against players with maybe 60+ hit points and that’s without raising the difficulty!!! And let me not go to the arena. The arena was brilliant the way it was. I actually had nothing bad to say about it now? Souls has been quartered? Are you serious?

    You made this wonderful free to play game into a pay your way grind-fest. I have seen this happen to plenty of games in my time and once you make it into a pay your way from free to play you lose your player base and eventually the game will just die out. I wanted to aim for a level 1000 but now you be lucky if I want to aim for the next level.

  • alt_example

    Zelarith December 19, 2015 at 18:34 - Reply

    Seems like there is a couple of things influencing drops of traistones.

    If I may ask a couple informations :

    Is Home Kingdom influencing the element of the traistone? To what extent?

    Do difficulty affect drop chances / quality of the traistones? Can we get drop rates per quality per difficulty in percentages?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • alt_example

      ogunther December 19, 2015 at 18:52 - Reply

      I, too, would be interested in finding out what effects the drop rates as Zelarith asks above.

  • alt_example

    ogunther December 19, 2015 at 18:53 - Reply

    Nothing against anyone’s opinion but unlike some of the posters above, I’ve actually found the update to be drawing me back into the game after it being stale (to me) for quite some time. Maybe it’s because my wife and I have a top 25 guild (used to be top 10 but like I said, the game had gotten stale and our enthusiasm waned) so we had lots of keys, extra cards and diamonds saved up, but I’m finding the changes to be a lot of fun and I’ve played more this week than the last 2-3 months combined. Now if only the guild related parts of the game would get some much needed developer attention I might fall in love all over again lol.

  • alt_example

    Anna December 19, 2015 at 19:28 - Reply

    Hey guys!after updates throughout the day is not included game on iPhone. There is no other possibility to go. How to take bonus?

  • alt_example

    Anna December 19, 2015 at 19:49 - Reply

    Thanks for the update of the game. We always need something new. Only every action of the game is very-very-very long time to load. For example: money from the city loaded 3 minutes (iPhone).It would be very nice of you to make the game more quickly. Thank you.

  • alt_example

    yon December 19, 2015 at 22:46 - Reply

    Interesting changes. But I need to report a bug: I won a PvP Invasion and the game died on me (as in “not responding” window status. I’m playing the PC version). I assume that is because I got a key during the match (the old graphics for it appeared). Guess the game doesn’t know what it is that I got there? 🙁

    • alt_example

      ogunther December 20, 2015 at 02:20 - Reply

      This might be the issue you’re experiencing, yon:

      5. Playing multiple REVENGE battle in a row causes a lock up (Status: fixed release on Steam, awaiting approval on iOS and Android, ETA after the holidays, sorry, but we’re trying to push it through as fast as possible)

      from here: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/1-0-8-known-issues/1996

  • alt_example

    Martin Webster December 20, 2015 at 10:41 - Reply

    Has anyone else had issues with the team bonuses? I ascended some rock worms and added their 1st two traits and now when I put them in team of 4 or 3 with my hero and the prism weapon I get no kingdom or brown mana bonuses 🙁 Also some of my other teams dont seem to have their bonuses any more (knights, humans, colour teams). Has the way the game assigns these bonuses changed or are there less of them now? I tried to read about it but couldnt find anything. Other than that I’m enjoying the changes 🙂


    • alt_example

      Nimhain December 20, 2015 at 11:32 - Reply

      You’ll notice in the Patch Notes (above) in Balance Changes section that team bonuses now activate on having unique troops.

      • alt_example

        Martin Webster December 20, 2015 at 22:50 - Reply

        Thanks for the information, makes sense 🙂 Though I was looking forward to rockworm world domination lol 🙂


  • alt_example

    foxette December 20, 2015 at 16:24 - Reply

    i love the new update./ just wish they would sort out the treasure hunt, its boring plus if you manage to get safes…. your giving gold or souls… no i woukd like some keys…decent keys

  • alt_example

    Verdanda December 20, 2015 at 21:52 - Reply

    Honestly, I don’t see why people are calling this a “pay to win” game now? All that’s happened is they’ve monetised a little more. I’m a free player, and I don’t feel that this has been a big issue.

    On the whole, I’d say this update has been fantastic. Little bit more grindy, that’s true, but nothing too drastic. The new key system balances out nicely, and balancing out things like an all Rockworm team was genius.

    To be honest, the only gripe I really have with this is that for the past few updates, they’ve made the Challenges for the kingdoms essentially worthless. Before when they used to help level up Kingdoms, there was a reason to go for them, but now, not so much. It’s a finite number of souls, and too small to be worth it. THere has to be some reason why people should want to do them. Some reward for doing them. That’s really all I’d like to see.

    • alt_example

      Jainus December 20, 2015 at 22:44 - Reply

      Hey Verdanda, good to see you still play! Come join the forum!

  • alt_example

    LightningStorm December 27, 2015 at 20:46 - Reply

    Personally, I like the new changes of leveling troops and using keys. It’s much less of a pain now than it was before. However, I’m totally UNIMPRESSED with the loss of souls in the Arena. I bought the armor that gives +100% souls, but it’s only producing what the Arena used to give without the armor before the update.

    As far as Pay to Win… meh, it’s ALWAYS seemed that way to me, but are’t ALL Free to Play games, essentially Pay to Win in the end? This game actually got uninstalled when I first played it because I ran out of gold within an hour and they were trying to sell me gold to continue. However, patience pays well in this game. After a week or two of my wife playing, I decided to reinstall the game and seen that my gold had continued to generate while the game was uninstalled.

    So in reality, it’s ONLY a P2W game IF you are impatient and think you MUST have things right NOW and can’t wait. I have MOST of the Legendaries that they promote in their $100 weekly “sales” and most of the weapons that come with them from using Glory (that I won in-game) to buy the Characters and the Weapons.

    Since the update, I’ve gotten 2 or 3 more Legendaries by using Gems to get a chance to win them. It’s been working quite well for me. I was a bit worried that I would be wasting my time with using the Gems, but it’s worked for me 3/4 times.

    Anyway, I don’t like seeing the drop in souls in the Arena, but I do like most of the other things that came with this update.

  • alt_example

    Nothring January 2, 2016 at 09:02 - Reply

    I’ve noticed that the Stealthy trait blocks all spell targeting. This includes spells cast by allies which would be very beneficial for the troop with said Stealthy trait.

    As such, the trait is not even close to a clear upgrade, nor a very good trait with situational downsides; for some builds, having this trait actively impedes the utility of the troop in question.

    As such, I request that the trait allow for friendly targeting without restriction, or for the trait (or, preferably, all traits) to be disable-able between matches.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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