1.0.8 Launch

1.0.8 Arrives!

Patch 1.0.8 is here! Get all the details of what’s new and what’s changed below!


  • * The Chest Screen has been redesigned!
  • * There are now 5 different chests.
    • Gold Chests: Can be opened using gold. Gold chests have a chance to give Common Troops, Rare Troops, Common Traitstones, Rare Traitstones, or Resources.
    • Gem Chests: Can be opened using gems. Gem chests have a chance to give Ultra-Rare or better Troops, or Ultra-Rare or better Traitstones. Gems chests have a 4x chance to get Legendaries, compared to the 3x chance of the old Magic Keys.
    • Event Chests: Can be opened using Gems. Rewards are influenced
    • VIP Chests: Can only be access by VIP Members
  • * Chests can now be opened 1 chest at a time, or in groups of 10 and 50.
  • * Chests now give only 1 reward rather than the previous 3.
  • *Player who have left over keys will gain new keys from the new system
    • Iron Keys = 1 Glory Key + 2 Gold Keys
    • Magic Keys = 1 Gem Key + 2 Gold Keys
  • *Players not wanting to sit through all the chests opening, will be able to use a button to skip through the chest opening and go straight to the list showing all the rewards earnt.
  • *Chest rewards also now include Traitstones and Resources, based on the chest opened.
  • *Please Note: That any troops that have been ascended, will appear in chests as their original rarity.

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Troop Upgrading

  • *A new crafting button will now appear when tapping on a troop card, taking the player to a new menu where they can improve their troops, disenchant them or view their Skills.
  • *Player can level their troops either by single level or to the highest level possible (based on rarity and souls).
  • *Troops have 2 new means of improvement:
    • Ascending: which uses copies of a troop to increase its rarity.
    • Traits: Passive effects that can be unlocked using Traitstones.
  • *Players can use copies of a troop to increase that troop’s rarity, called Ascending. The number of copies need to ascend to the next rarity increases each time a troop is ascended.
  • *Ascended troops gain +1 to all their Stats (except for Magic).
  • *Once a troop has been ascended, that troop will always be that rarity (even if the troop is earnt from chests).
  • *Troops can now gain levels above Level 15, depending on their rarity (Common troops’ max level is still 15). The Highest rarity, Mythic, can be raised to level 20.
  • *Players can also now unlock up to 3 traits on a troop using Traitstones.
  • *Traitstones can be gain from unlocking Chests or as random drops from battles.
  • *Traits are passive effects that will add the Player in battles. Some will trigger when the battle begins or ends, others may trigger during the battle, while others may have requirements to trigger.
  • *The Traitstone costs are based on the troop’s original rarity and Mana color(s) used.
  • *Disenchant ascended troops, will only give souls equal to their original base rarity.
  • *With extra copies of troops being used in ascension, the Disenchant all option has been remove. It may come back in a future update after consideration.
  • *Disenchant threshold on troop cards has been removed.

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  • *Kingdoms have gain a graphic update to on the World Map. Changing the way Kingdom Levels are displayed.
  • *Kingdoms now gain Power Levels, each Power level is represented by a Star (with a maximum of 5 Stars).
  • *Each Power Level earnt will grant:
    • Bonuses to Gold per Day
    • Double the Tribute Reward
    • Double the Tribute Chance
    • Double the Kingdom’s Skill Bonus
  • *Players can unlock Kingdom Power Levels by:
    • Collecting Kingdom Troops
    • Ascending and leveling kingdom troops
    • Unlocking Traits on kingdom troops
  • *Kingdoms still upgrade with gold. Power levels don’t after Kingdom levels.

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VIP System

  • *Players can now earn VIP points from spending real money on the game. Any Player who has spent money in the past, will earn 5 VIP points for every $1 spent.
  • *VIP points allow the player to gain VIP levels.
  • *VIP Level will be displayed on the World Map next to Hero name and level.
  • *Each VIP level gives different rewards, including:
    • Bonus to XP/ Gold/ Souls earnt from battles (on top of any bonuses gain from difficulty or Armor)
    • Bonus to Gold to Daily Login Bonus
    • Bonus to Gems bought from the Shop (this excludes Bundles, Special Offers & Daily Gems)
    • Daily Glory Key (earning more daily glory keys at higher levels)
    • Free Scouting
    • New troops start at higher levels
  • *VIP members will have exclusive access to the VIP Chests at VIP Level 5.


  • *Shop menu has been redesigned.
  • *Removed Weekly Kingdom Offer pop ups, they now will appear in to Specials Tab in the shop.
  • *Beginner and Intermediate Pack Offers have changed, as well as adding new Advance Packs. However these new offers are timed and once the timer runs out they will not appear again.


  • *Shop button has returned to the world map.
  • *Players are able to change the gem speed between the current faster version and the original slow version, using a toggle button in the Settings menu.
  • *Souls Rewards from the Arena have been rebalanced.
  • *Iron Keys in the arena have been changed to the new Glory Keys.
  • *Iron and Magic Keys in Treasure Hunt mini game have been changed to Glory and Gem Keys.
  • *Successful invasions now instantly reward 3 Glory.

Balance Changes

  • *Team Bonuses now need unique troops to activate.
  • *AI troops will start unlocking traits as the player’s Hero levels up.
Notable Bug Fixes

  • *Mouse Wheel Scrolling now works on Steam version.
  • *Fixed performance issue on older iOS devices.
  • *Fixed issue where Team bonuses were displaying incorrectly.
  • *Fixed an issue where troops were disappearing in Battles when they cast their spells.
  • *Fixed a rare occurrence where the game would forget a team after it was created.

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