1.0.9 Sneak Peek – Frozen Revisited

Read on to learn about some changes we’ve been making to the new Frozen effect

Reworking Frozen
When we previewed Frozen last week, we’d been playing with it quite a bit, and were definitely enjoying it.

It became very clear though, that some of our players were opposed to the idea of a single Frozen troop affecting an entire team.

We understand! Thematically it does feel a little weird to have a single frozen Goblin slow down your Behemoth, although we have to say that mechanically it DID work quite well and was both easy to explain and understand. We tried countless teams, with combinations and duplicates of troops wielding Frozen, and it never felt like we were ever against anything game-breaking.

BUT… we heard what you were saying, and we asked ourselves: could we improve Frozen? And the answer was yes.

By decreasing the power of the Frozen Effect to work as shown below, we can lower associated spell costs, and give Frozen to more troops (in both Traits & spells & weapons) without fear of creating a killer combo. We’ll keep our eye on that of course, but I believe the way Frozen now works, a Legendary Ice Dragon with a group freeze might even be viable some time in the future when we open up the Kingdoms in the far north!

New Status Effect: Frozen 2.0


Details, details, details…
So what does all that mean?
Well, basically now Frozen is affecting only the single troop it is targeted at, not the entire group.

There are 3 rules to the new Frozen effect:
* You will not get an extra turn for mana colors if you have a frozen troop on your team with a matching color.
* You will not get an extra turn for skulls if your front troop is frozen.
* You will not get an extra turn from a spell if the troop casting that spell is Frozen

We’ve also reworked the AI to know when it’s frozen and adjust its matches accordingly

Please note, this is not an actual preview for the 1.0.9 Mobile/PC update. We typically release those 1-2 weeks before the update goes live. We just have some exciting “little” additions for 1.0.9 that we are excited to share with you earlier than usual, and “Sneak Peeks” are a great way to do that!

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