2.0.1 Update

2.0.1 Arrives!

The wait is over, Patch 2.0.1 has landed!

Explore Mode
A new game mode has been added in ALL Kingdoms. It is accessible once that Kingdom’s quest line is finished.
Explore Mode throws you into a random battle from its Kingdom, with a few troops changed around to keep it fresh, and in return offers you a double chance of Runic Traitstones, and a triple chance at Arcane & Celestial Traitstones.
As a bonus feature, the Explore Menu shows the traitstones available in each Kingdom too!
Dual Troop Types
Up until now, the poor Undead Dragon had to decide if he was Undead, or Dragon. So we asked ourselves… ¿Por qué no los dos? And now he gets to be both (and he feels whole again).
Apart from relieving stress on the Legion of Undead Dragons out there, this addition is sure to mix up a few team comps as new combinations of troops have access to new bonuses.
Not all troops have a double troop type, but you’ll find a goodly number of them that do!
Troop Type Changes
In order to make Double Troop Types work, and to keep things balanced as we continue to pour lots of new troops into the game, we’ve had to add some extra troop types!
Unfortunately, that means the demise of the Marauder as a type; its members (along with many of the Wildfolk) have run off to join the new factions.

To summarize, here are the changes:
* We’ve added: Mechs, Raksha, Wargare, Centaur, Tauros, Orc, Goblin, Naga, Rogue, Mystic, Stryx, Merfolk
* We’ve removed: Marauder
* Marauders & most Wildfolk have migrated to the types above
* A few Wildfolk have stubbornly remained Wildfolk, and have been joined by a few Marauders who didn’t fit anywhere else.

Status Effects
We have 2 new status effects, and a couple of significant changes:
* WEB: Much like Entangle with Attack, Web reduces a target’s Magic skill to 0
* STUN: A stunned troop no longer gain benefits from any of its traits
* DEATH MARK: We have removed the 2 turn grace period at the start of this effect – now it actually feels dangerous!
* ENTANGLE: This is no longer removed by Attack buffs, in fact it now stops any Attack buffs applying while in effect. Web works similarly with Magic Buffs.
Trait Changes
We have added new Slayer and Bond traits for the new Troop types.
We have added new traits for the 2 new status effects.
* Snare: Inflict Web when doing Skull damage
* Slippery: Immunity to Web
* Stalker: Deal double Skull damage vs. Webbed enemies.
* Knockout: Inflict Stun when doing Skull damage
* Thick Head: Immunity to Stun
* Clobber: Deal double Skull damage vs. Stunned enemies.
We have added 2 new immunities:
* Indigestible: Immunity to Devour
* Mana Shield: Immunity to Mana Burn
We have modified Impervious to include the new immunities.
Balance Changes
Conditional effect based on number of gems on the board increased required Gems from 10 to 13, as 10 was too easy to achieve, and 13 would still be achieved in 80% of those cases.
Troop + Weapon Balance
* Trait Change: Wildfolk Slayer to Centaur Slayer

Blast Cannon
* Trait Change: Construct Slayer to Mech Slayer

Brian the Lucky
* Trait Change: Marauder Slayer to Goblin Slayer

* Spell Change: Increase boost ratio from 2:1 to x1

Deep Borer
* Trait Change: Construct Bond to Mech Bond

* Trait Change: Impervious to Nature Link

* Trait Change: Wildfolk Bond to Beast Bond

* Trait Change: Construct Bond to Mech Bond
* Trait Change: Construct Slayer to Mech Slayer

* Trait Change: Marauder Slayer to Goblin Slayer
* Spell Change: Changed chance to Devour Marauders to Goblins.

Goblin Shaman
* Trait Change: Marauder Bond to Goblin Bond

* Trait Change: Impervious to Stone Link

* Trait Change: Wildfolk Bond to Centaur Bond
* Trait Change: Impervious to Air Link

Naga Queen
* Trait Change: Marauder Bond to Naga Bond

Pride Hunter
* Trait Change: Wildfolk Bond to Raksha Bond

* Trait Change: Marauder Bond to Wildfolk Bond

* Trait Change: Wildfolk Bond to Wargare Bond

* Trait Change: Marauder Slayer to Naga Slayer

* Trait Change: Construct Bond to Mech Bond
* Spell Change: Spell bonus now applies to Mechs instead of Contructs

Steam Turret
* Trait Change: Construct Bond to Mech Bond

* Trait Change: Impervious to Huge

* Trait Change: Impervious to Empowered

Wild Fang
* Trait Change: Wildfolk Slayer to Centaur Slayer
* Spell Change: Spell bonus damage now applies to Centaurs instead of Wildfolk

Goblin Smasher
* Spell Change: Changed bonus damage vs Marauders to vs Goblins.

Zhul’Kari Balance Changes
* Spell Change: Spell no longer removes red gems to boost damage.
* Spell now deals extra damage if the enemies are webbed 9applies individually to each troop)
* Base spell damage increase from 0 to 1

Dark Maiden
* Trait Change: Fire Spirit changed to Snare
* Spell Rework: Spell now Transforms all Yellow Gems to a chosen color. Giving first Ally Life, boosted by gems transformed.
* Spell‘s name has changed
* Mana cost increased from 6 to 10
* No longer gains Magic at levels 4, 16, 17, 19

Night Terror
* Spell no longer removes Blue Gems to boost damage. Spell now deals damage to weakest enemy and steals 1 Magic.
* Base Spell damage increased from 0 to 1.
* Mana Color Change: Change from Red/ Purple to Red/ Brown

Spider Queen
* Spell now also Webs target.

* Trait Changes: Changed Daemon Bond to Sturdy
* Trait Changes: Changed 2nd Trait with Snare

* Trait Change: Change Alert to Slippery

Spider Swarm
* Spell Rework: Spider Swarm has gain the old Dark Maiden’s spell, which will deal damage and poison an enemy.
* Trait Change: Change Cunning to Slippery

Troop Refunds
The following troops are available for Refunds:
* Aziris
* Dark Maiden
* Dire Wolf
* Dokkalfar
* Dryad
* Golem
* Herdmaster
* Marid
* Night Terror
* Queen Mab
* Swamplash
* Tau
* Thrall
* Webspinner
* Winter Wolf
Facebook support has been removed as it was causing game crashes. It will be replaced when bugs are fixed.
Bug Fixes
* Fixed Chat issues that were causing the game to slow down and feel laggy.
* Fixed issue with Famine’s 3rd trait that would cause the game to freeze when it killed the last troop.
* Fixed issue with Frenzy where spell with randomly split damage (like Rowanne’s Thorns) would cause it to trigger multiple times.
* Fixed issue where player would not have weapons in Arena
* Fixed issue where Shop text would appear behind the World Map after redeeming a code.
* Fixed issue where some Defense Wins were not rewarding PVP points correctly
* Fixed issue where viewing a player in Arena could cause the game to stop allowing spells to be cast.
* Fixed an issue where creating or modifying teams would not be saved if playing between 2 devices.
* Fixed Guild Weekly Stats not resetting correctly.
* Fixed issue where Serve and Protect wasn’t always giving Barrier to the correct troops.
* Fixed issue where Dust and Sand wasn’t always debuffing all enemies.
* Fixed issue where collecting PVP Defense rewards would take the player to the Tier Reward screen afterwards.
* Fixed an issue where Guild weekly stats are not resetting properly or would reset in the middle of the week.
* Fixed a display issue where it looked like the player would receive less gold than intended for a 4 Star kingdom.
* Fixed PVP Battle Log display issues.
* Fixeed issue where PVP Tier was not resetting correctly.
Known Issues
* Gem Mastery bonus from Hero Classes is not included/ displayed on the Gem Mastery Overview screen in the Hero menu.
* AI troops with Blessed and Curse are not activating correctly.
* Marid’s Spell applying random status effect even when there isn’t correct number of gems on the board.
* Black Beast’s spell will not create skulls if he doesn’t devour anyone.
* Rare issue where using a Dust Devil’s spell may cause a Ghost troop (unkillable troop).

Please note this Update only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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