2.1 Arrives!

Welcome to 2.1…


*The cost for creating a new guild has been increased to 25,000 gold from 1,000.

Guild Overview Tab

  • * All your guild stats arranged along the top
  • * There are 6 Guild Statues with levels, one for each Gem Mastery
  • * Each Guild Statue gives a series of bonuses based on its level. You can view these bonuses by tapping on the “?” button under each statue.
  • * Statues gain XP/Levels as people donate to the respective colored tasks
  • * Guild Management button has been moved to the Top Left corner

Guild Task Tab

  • * 6 Tasks, one for each statue, each one increasing in cost & reward during the week. Each one with different rewards.
  • * Contribution popup now has the option to “complete” a task immediately
  • * Completed tasks now mail out rewards to ALL guild members (including the player completing it)
  • * Complete ALL tasks for a color in a week to gain a 7-day skill bonus unique to that color… e.g. RED = +3 Attack for all troops for 7 days. The durations stack.

Guild Seals Tab

  • * Here you can see any Guild Seals you’ve earned. Tasks that generate Guild Seals are all listed, along with their value
  • * Click CLAIM ALL to get all your earned seals
  • * Individual Seal contributions are capped at 1500 per week, though the cap is raised if you purchase guild seals from the shop.
  • * On the right you see how your Guild Chest upgrades as the Guild Members earn seals .

Guild Shop Tab

  • * You can purchase 3 items… each one gives you extra SEALS, and also gives Guild Keys to all guild members (including yourself)

Guild Roster Tab

  • * Our new roster… shows everything without tabs, and also lets you sort the guild on a number of things
  • * Tapping the “menu” button on a guild member, opens a small popup menu that lets you perform actions on them

Guild League Tab

  • * Functions exactly like the old one except that there are a bunch of new Leagues to progress through, all with bigger gold bonuses.

Guild Chests

  • * Guild Chests are accessible from the Chest Menu (They live between Event and VIP chests)
  • * Openable with Guild Seals (or Keys obtained from guildmates making guild purchases)
  • * Only place to unlock Guild Guardians, which drop from 50% of all Guild Keys you use.

Guild Guardians

  • * Guild Guardian start off as Common Troops
  • * Guardians possess strong support spells
  • * Require EXTRA Traitstones to upgrade
  • * Scale REALLY hard in levels 16-20 to the equivalent of a mythic in stats
  • * As they are special troops, they have a unique 3rd trait similar to Legendary cards
Player Level Cap

* Player level cap has been raised from 1,000 to 10,000.
* Players will gain one more Skill point every 100 levels up to 2000
* Player receive an event key in mail for each level they get over a 1,000.

Kingdom Power Stars

* With more troops being added to kingdoms, we’ve increased the number of Stars you can earn.
* Currently kingdoms can reach 7 Stars (if they have enough troops).
* We will unlock more Stars in the future as the number of troops in each kingdom increases.

New Kingdom Approaches: Dragon’s Claw

* While it yet to be available, keep an eye out for the next kingdom- Dragon’s Claw.
* Dragon’s Claw should be released some time later this week.


* VIP levels now go to level 15. As before, each level gives new benefits.
* Players can now access the Chat overlay from any screen, including in the middle of a battle.

Troop Change

Lord Ironbeard
Due to a problem with his spell, we’ve reworked Lord Ironbeard’s spell.
* His spell now deals triple damage vs Red enemies.
* His based damage was lowered from 3 to 2

Bug Fixes

* Fixed the Graphic Corruption on some Android Devices
* Fixed some login errors on Mobile
* Fixed it so players with the same name can now join the same guild.

Known Issues

* The image for the Souls bonus in the purple Guild Statue is incorrect (shows XP star instead of Souls icon).
* If you purchase from the guild shop, your maximum Seal cap for the week increases, but that increase takes a short time to show in the Guild Menu (you often have to leave the menu and re-enter it)
* The chat button can disappear on certain menus when you back out of them. eg. going from the Troops screen back to the Team Select screen.

Please note this Update only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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