2.2 Patch Notes

The 2.2 Update is coming tomorrow…

New Event System

* There are 3 types of Events that can be run. They may be available all at once, or at different times:

Troop Bonus Events:
* Troop Skills get increased by 25%
* These events can be based on either Troop Type (like Knight or Dragon), or Troop Kingdom (like Khetar or Adana), or both!
* The Skill Bonuses will apply to all game modes including the Arena
* When multiple Troop Bonus Events are run at the same time, the bonuses will stack.

Bonus Resource Events:
* Using a combination of either Troops, troop types, Troop Color, or Troop Kingdoms, construct a team that rewards bonus resources at the end of a victorious battle.
* These events will sometimes apply to specific game modes and difficulties.

Collection Events:
* Complete specific objectives such as: Killing enemies, killing troops of specific types or kingdoms, summoning troops, or playing treasure maps, to earn points.
* Based on your point total, collect rewards for the event as you progress. Each event may contain up to 6 rewards.

New Shop Items
Several new bundles have been added to the Store:

Growth Packs
* These packs give rewards for reaching certain levels in the game.
* They may only be purchased once.
* They will give appropriate rewards instantly, if purchased by a player who has already achieved some/all of the levels.
* There are 2 types of Growth Packs: Growth Pack I & Growth Pack II

Growth Pack I:
* Costs $30 and contains $150 value of rewards
* Gives rewards at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
* At level 50 gives a bonus random Legendary troop

Growth Pack II:
* Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
* Gives rewards at levels 50, 75, 100, 125, 150
* At level 150 gives a bonus random Mythic troop

Path to Glory
* Path to Glory Packs are 30-day subscription packs, that can be purchased once per month
* Players may purchase both subscriptions at the same time if they want
* There are 2 types of subscription packs: Path to Glory I + Path to Glory II
* These packs may be repurchased once they expire.
* You will not miss out if you do not collect them on consecutive days (i.e. if you have collected the Day 5 Reward, and you miss 2 days’ play, then when you log in, the pack will continue from the Day 6 Reward, running all the way up to Day 30).

Path to Glory I:
* Costs $15 and contains $75 value of rewards
* Each day gives random consumables (Gems, Gold, Souls, etc)
* On day 30, gives a random Legendary Troop

Path to Glory II:
* Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
* Each day gives traitstones
* On day 30, gives a random Mythic Troop

VIP Bundle
* $5 Bundle that gives 1 VIP key and a few miscellaneous consumables.
* VIP keys can be used even if the player isn’t VIP 5.
* Can be purchased 3 times per account.

Weapon Bundle
* Costs $5 and contains an old event weapon along with a few miscellaneous consumables.

Typhoon of Keys
* $100 bundle that has been brought over from the console versions
* This pack contains a huge selection of keys of all types (including VIP)
– 240 Gold Keys
– 120 Glory Keys
– 60 Gem Keys
– 30 Event Keys
– 15 VIP Keys

Other Shop Updates
* Shop tabs have been reorganised to improve Shop layout
– This includes Gold and Soul purchases now sharing a tab

* We are changing the weekly rotation of shop bundles to always include the following:
– Troop Bundle
– Weapon Bundle
– 2 Traitstone bundles of specific colors

* Gem purchases of Gold and Souls now give significantly more rewards

General Changes

* Chat is now available in Treasure Hunt mini games.
* Treasure Hunt now displays the number of turns taken as well as, current number of earned Traitstones.
* Redeem Codes have been disabled in the Store.
* Arena rewards have been increased.
* New load screen has been added to game start up
* Chest menu now always defaults to the Gold chest screen, rather than highest chest that players have keys for (like gem or event).

Balance Changes

* Increased his boost ratio from x1 to x3
* Base damage increased from 2 to 6
* Now gains Magic at level 16

* Spell now cleanses Gorgotha.

* His legendary trait has been corrected to the original version. We’ve fixed the problem that caused his trait not to end the game correctly.

* Empowered changed to Fast.

* Mana Cost reduced from 24 to 22

Withering Touch
* Spell changed to do Life Steal instead of flat true damage and life gain.

Runic Blade
* Spell changed so that killing an enemy gives +10 to all Stats.

Troop Refunds

The following troop will be available for refund for the next week:
* Manticore

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue where Guild Statue levels weren’t displaying above 100.
* Fixed the issue where Kraken’s original 3rd trait would cause the game to get stuck if used to end the battle.
* Fixed Guild chat messages – they no longer disappear when typing multiple lines.
* Fixed Infernal King’s 3rd Trait triggering despite being stunned when he is killed.
* Fixed various Avatar visual issues
* Fixed an Avatar issue where the headwear displayed was matching costume Armor, instead of the selected custom headwear
* Improved load times on Android and iOS devices.
* Fixed an issue where guild tasks were not resetting correctly if a player was not in a guild when the weekly reset happens.
* Fixed an issue where PVP Defences show as 0 PVP points.
* Fixed a guild issue were number of guild members were sometimes displaying 1 more than actual guild members.
* Fixed an issue where a player could start a new battle while in the middle of a battle through chat, causing the game to crash.
* Adjusted team scores to take into account any Guild Stat bonuses.
* Improved the load time of the News menu when the game first loads.
* Fixed an issue where currency in Treasure or Arena intro was overlapping the menu popup on 4:3 devices

Known Issues

* A “ghost” Orbweaver Hero may be triggered when it summons a Giant Spider on damage that caused death. (This doesn’t affect the game – it’s just a visual issue)
* Summoned Troops’ traits are sometimes not triggering correctly for some players.
* Troops summoned by the AI can occasionally have higher Skills than normal (particularly on higher Warlord difficulties).
* Transformed enemy’s traits are sometimes still triggering after being transformed for some players.
* Guild Rewards may not be sent out correctly for some players when too many players complete tasks at once, particularly after Weekly Reset.
* The Lion and Tiger Weapon is not working correctly for some players especially on older or slower devices.
* Troops that get summoned into a team slot, where a troop had previously been killed by a status effect (such as burning), may very occasionally be inflicted with the same status effect.

Please note this Update only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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