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3.3 Update Patch Notes

Weekly Guild Events

* Introducing 2 new Weekly Guild events: Raid Boss + Invasion
* Only 1 guild event will run each week, rotating between Guild Wars, Raid Boss and Invasion
* Raid Bosses + Invasions, like Guild Wars, require tokens (called Sigils) to play each battle. Players will get Sigils each day – Sigils stack, so can be used later in the week.
* Players have a chance to earn more free Sigils each day by encountering and defeating the Valraven (more information below)
* Raid Boss + Invasion both have a Shop with different Tiers
Players must purchase each Tier before they can purchase the next Tier
Tier Rewards include: Troops (relevant to the event kingdom or troop type), Resources, Special Event Troops, a new Weapon, extra Sigils, and more
Each Tier can be purchased with Gems
* Legendary Weapons in Raid Bosses + Invasions are not only available as a tier rewards in the shop but can also be crafted in the Soulforge. These weapons will be useful for that week’s event, but also useful in future battles and events.
* Raid Boss + Invasion events are mainly based on Guild Progress. In Raid Boss events, the damage done to the bosses is tracked, and in Invasions the number of Towers destroyed is tracked. In both cases, rewards are given to all members of the guild, based on the guild’s progress.
* Raid Boss + Invasions also have Leaderboards that display the top 100 players based on personal progress for that event, and will give an addition reward to those players at the end of the week.
Players will be able to view progress of other members of their guild on the guild screens for Raid Boss + Invasion

Raid Boss
* Raid Boss is comprised of 5 Stages, each has different battles that need to be completed.
Stage 1: Minions
Stage 2: Moloch
Stage 3: Minions
Stage 4: Abhorath
Stage 5: Zuul’Goth
* Stage 1 and 3 consist of 4 battles against regular Gems of War troops, increasing in difficulty.
* Both Moloch and Abhorath (stage 2 and 4) are special versions of themselves, like the Dungeon Bosses.
* Upon reaching Stage 5 (battle #11) the player begins to battle the Raid Boss, Zuul’Goth, in a series of battles with increasing difficulty.
* There are 6 different variations of Zuul’Goth, each with slightly different spells. But only 1 Zuul’Goth will appear each Raid Boss Event.
* Players will need to create teams using troops from the Weekly Kingdom to fight in Raid Boss events. Players can also bring in their hero to aid them as an alternative troop (regardless of their Hero Class).
* Damage done against Zuul’Goth will work towards closing Portals. Each Portal closed will reward all Guild members.
* Portal progress will come from everyone in the guild, so guilds will need to work together to close Portals, as each Portals will require more damage to be closed.


* Invasions are comprised of 8 Stages, each having different battles of increasing difficulty which need to be completed.
Stage 1: Village – 0 Towers will appear in each battle
Stage 2: Outer Keep – 1 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 3: Inner Keep – 1 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 4: Outer Castle – 2 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 5: Inner Castle – 2 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 6: Outer Fortress – 3 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 7: Inner Fortress – 3 random Tower will appear in each battle
Stage 8: Citadel – 4 random Tower will appear in each battle
* Guilds will work together to defeat towers to unlock rewards for the whole guild.
* There 6 different types of Towers, each with different spells.* Players will need to create teams using troops from a set Troop Type to fight in Invasions. Players can also bring in their hero to aid them as an alternative troop (regardless of Hero Class).

New: Side Events

* Introducing 2 new Side Events: Bounty + The Vault
* These new Side Events can be accessed from the Games Menu
* Each Side event runs for a shorter period than weekly guild events – usually Friday to Monday. Side events will not run every week – each event will likely run about once per month.


* Bounty events can be accessed by all players (even players not in guilds)
* Players complete a series of battles with increasing difficulty to earn points. Each battle is worth a number of points, from 10 for the first battle, increasing all the way up to 200 for the most difficult battle.
* Players must defeat each battle to unlock the next, but can always go back to earlier battles if they find the going too tough.
* Upon reaching a point milestone, the player will earn a reward
* Earlier battles can be replayed if the player encounters a battle they cannot defeat
* Bounties, like Raid Boss + Invasions, have Tiered shop which unlocks special Bountyhunter troops
* Bountyhunter troops – if their first trait is unlocked – MULTIPLY the points you get from a successful battle. Ascending the troops makes the multiplier bigger (from x2 right up to x6)
* Bounty Captains (new Bounty troop for that week) will give double their regular bonus making them very useful in the Bounty Event they release (so x4 up to x12)* Only unique troops in a team give a bonus, and the bonuses are ADDITIVE.

The Vault

* During a Vault event there is an increased chance to encounter a Treasure Gnome (see below) in a battle
* The Vault also increases the chance of Treasure Gnomes dropping Vault keys allowing access to the Gnome Vault.

Gnomes & The Valraven

* Treasure Gnomes have a small chance to appear in most types of battles except for Guild Wars, Tutorials, Training Battles, and The Vault.
* If defeated, Treasure Gnomes will drop a loot sack (visible when battling him), containing resources that are given at the end of battle.
* Gnome Loot is not affected by Hero Bonuses
* Treasure Gnomes also have a chance to drop a vault key, giving the player access to the Gnome Vault.
* The Gnome Vault is accessed from the Games Menu and pits players against a team of Treasures Gnomes and the Gnome leader, Cedric Sparklesack.
* Winning a Gnome Vault gives a lot of resource rewards as well as a chance to give a Gnome troop card, and a very small chance to give the Legendary Cedric Sparklesack troop card.
* The Valraven functions much like a Gnome, but only has a chance to appear in Raid Boss, Invasion, and Bounty events
* If defeated, the Valraven will give extra Sigils to continue battling in that event (Sigils given will only apply to the type of given it was encountered in, and will not carry over to the next event if unused).
* Both the Treasure Gnome and Valraven have a new spell effect as part of their spell called ‘Run Away’. This allows them to run away from the battle, meaning their reward will be lost if they are not defeated quickly enough.

New Special Event Troops

* Exclusively gained from Event Shop tiers for their release week. However, they will be available in regular chests, 3-4 weeks after their event (similar to Glory troops)
* There 3 types of event troops based on which type of event they are available from:
Godslayer – Gained from Raid Boss Shop, they deal extra damage vs. Boss troops (like Zuul’Goth and Dungeon Bosses)
Siegebreaker – Gained from Invasion Shop, they deal extra damage vs. Towers
Bountyhunter – Gained from Bounty Shop, they grant increased points earned from Bounty battles.
* Each of these troops’ bonus effects are increased as they ascend rarity.


* Orbs are a new reward that have been added to game to help players advance.
* Orbs have 2 types of rarity: Regular and Greater; which will affect the power of the Orb
* There are several different types of Orbs:
* Orb of Growth – Increase a hero class/ troop’s level (either 1 level or max level)
* Orb of Ascension – Increase a troop’s rarity (either one step, or all the way to Mythic)
* Orb of Wisdom – Unlock a hero class/ troop trait (either one trait, or all of them)
* Orb of Power – Increase a troop’s rarity to Mythic, level to 20, unlock all traits (this is the rarest Orb, and only exists in Greater form)
* Orb of Clans – Gain Guild Seals (either 300 or 1500)
* Orb of Chaos – Give a random Orb (either a Regular one or a Greater one)
* Orbs can be earned from Raid Boss, Invasion and Bounty Rewards + Leaderboards
* Gnome Vaults have a small chance to give Orbs

Troop Upgrading

* The Troop Upgrade Menu has been reworked
* Players are now able to unlock all 3 traits on a troop at once (if they have enough Traitstones)
* Players are now able to ascend to mythic at once (If they have enough copies of a card)
* Players can level troops now in 3 different ways:
* Level to max level (for current rarity)
* Level to the highest affordable level
* Customize what level you wish to level the troop to
* On the Orbs tab, players can use Orbs of Growth, Ascension, Wisdom or Power they have earned to upgrade that troop.
* Players can now Disenchant in 3 ways:
* Disenchant Max – disenchant the current troop down to 4 copies
* Disenchant – Customize how many troops to disenchant
* Disenchant All Extra Troops
* The Skills tab will list the troop skill points and show where they come from.

Hero Upgrading

* Menu has been reworked
* Players are now able to unlock all 3 traits on a Hero Classes at once (if they have enough Traitstones)
* Players can level Hero Classes now in 3 different ways:
* Level to max level (for current rarity)
* Level to the highest affordable level
* Customize what level you wish to level the hero to
*Players can use the Class Info section to review all bonuses the class is giving (and how many wins they need to unlock the perks and weapons).
* Hero Classes can now use all 3 Perks at once
* On the Orbs tab, players can use Orbs of Growth, Ascension, Wisdom or Power they have earned to upgrade that Class.
* Skills tab will list the Hero Class skill points and show where they come from.

UI Update

* The following screens have had a UI update or refresh:
* Task menu on Consoles
* Settings Menu
* Games menu
* Safe Frame menu on Xbox


* Card Art has been tweaked
* Troop Cards will name display the kingdom name for which kingdom the troop comes from.
*The backing of the Gem Board has had its color/opacity tweaked to help those finding some discomfort with it
* Special effects on troop cards (fire, frozen, etc…) have been tweaked to improve visibility.
* Mana Shield trait has gained Mana Drain/ Steal immunity
* 3 New troop types: Boss, Tower + Gnome – mainly used in the new event system
* Guild Tasks can now be completed multiple times at once for a single task type (if players have enough gold to donate)
* Kingdom banners have had a visual update
* Players can now play Explore/Quest battles again without going to the World Map (Player will need to be level 20+ to have this option)
* Added delay between tapping CONTINUE button and the REFRESH button appearing in PVP
* Changed Puzzle Board to be more opaque
* Minimum Android version required has increased 4.0.4 to 4.1, we apologize to the small percentage of players that this affects but it was necessary for latest version.
* Collection Events (Snotstones events for everyone else), have been modified
* Collection events targets now require more troops to be killed (exception being Treasure Hunt events)
* Collection events will now focus on Treasure Hunt, Kill Troops, and Kill Troop Color. We found that Summoning troops + Kill troop type events were not as engaging for players and could be confusing.
* Rewards for Collection events have been increased slightly to match the increase requirements to earn them.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where Explode spells were giving more mana than intended under certain conditions.
* Fixed an issue where Guild Guardian Names were not displaying in non-English languages
* Fixed an issue where the Troop Offer screen in Arena would cause the game to crash
* Fixed a bug where Explode spells were giving more mana than intended under certain conditions.
* Fixed an issue where Guild Guardian Names were not displaying in non-English languages
* Fixed an issue where the Troop Offer screen in Arena would cause the game to crash

Dungeon Bosses

Dungeon Bosses now all have the new troop type Boss.
* King Owlbear has gone from Beast/ Monster to Beast/ Boss
* King Gloom Leaf has gone from Fey/ Elemental to Elemental/ Boss
* Eternal Wulgarok has gone from Wargare/ Beast to Wargare/ Boss
* King Jarl Firemantle has gone from Elemental Giant to Giant/ Boss
* Eternal Elemaugrim has gone from Daemon/ Dragon to Dragon/ Boss
* King Jotnar Stormshield has gone from Divine/ Giant to Giant/ Boss
* Eternal Gard’s Avatar has gone from Divine/ Knight to Divine/ Boss
* King Dokkalfar has gone from Elf/ Mystic to Elf/ Boss
* King Bone Dragon has gone from Undead/ Dragon to Undead/ Boss
* Eternal Death has gone from Undead/ Daemon to Daemon/ Boss
* Eternal Stonehammer has gone from Divine/ Dwarf to Dwarf/ Boss
* King Mimic has gone from Monster/ Construct to Monster/ Boss

Troop Balancing

The Dragon Soul
The Dragon Soul has become one of the most used troops particularly on defense. This in part comes from the legendary trait he has been borrowing from the Infernal King. With the changes to Mana shield coming, we decided to give him a new legendary trait while we were also changing his Mana Shield trait. We feel these 2 changes will help reduce the frustration in facing him on defense, while keeping him fun to use when attacking.
* Changed Mana Shield to Dragon Bond
* Changed his Legendary trait to Rebirth – 50% chance to become a Baby Dragon with full mana on death.

Claw Dancer
* Base spell damage increased from 6 to 8

Xathenos isn’t feeling quite like the Lord of Undeath we had hoped, especially given how tough he is to unlock. We’re giving him a little bit of love but we’ll continue to monitor him.
* Lord of Death trait effect increased from 4 to 5
* Base spell effect increased from 6 to 12
* Mana Cost reduced from 24 to 22

* Aspect of War trait increased from 2 to 3

* Life Gain now scales off half Magic, Previously Life Gain did not scale off magic.
* Base Life gain reduced from 6 to 3
* No longer gains Magic at levels 2, 6, 9

Orc Veteran
* Base spell damage increased from 10 to 13
* Now gains Magic at levels 14, 17 and 19

Ice Witch
* Increased Ally magic gained on enemy Death from 1 to 3
* Improved spell text to match other freeze spells.

The Nyx is starting to a raise in popularity on defense in the end game, so she will be getting some balance changes (see Below). To make sure her Florian sister-kin doesn’t accidentally take her place, we will be matching her mana cost to the Nyx’s new mana cost.
* Mana cost increased from 13 to 14

Mana Shield
* With the Mana shield trait gaining mana drain + steal immunity, we’ve looked at a few of the troops that had Mana Shield.
* Changed Mana Shield to Fireproof
* Mana cost increased from 13 to 14

* Valkyrie is still highly used at all level ranges, to keep her in line after the changes to Mana shield we’ve removing the trait from her for another one.
* Changed Mana Shield to Water Heart

* Elves are gaining a unique racial trait, but just as the elves have evolved into 4 different sub-races, their racial trait also has 4 different/corresponding flavors.
* High Ancestry – Immune to Mana Drain, Silence, Faerie Fire, and Death Mark.
* Dark Ancestry – Immune to Mana Drain, Silence, Faerie Fire, and Web.
* Wood Ancestry – Immune to Mana Drain, Silence, Faerie Fire, and Entangle.
* Sky Ancestry – Immune to Mana Drain, Silence, Faerie Fire, and Mana Burn.

Elven Bard
* Changed Air Heart to High Ancestry

* Changed Mana Shield to High Ancestry

Princess Elspeth
* Changed Mana Shield to High Ancestry

* Changed Knight Bond to High Ancestry
* Trait order changed from Knight Bond > Elf Bond > Armored to Elf Bond > High Ancestry > Armored

* Changed Inscribed to High Ancestry

The Silvermaiden
* Changed Avenger to High Ancestry

Prince Ethoras
While the Armored trait was useful for Prince Ethoras, we felt that Fey Slayer and Dragon Boon both suit his theme and story.
* Changed Armored to High Ancestry

Dark Priestess
* Changed Warded to High Ancestry
* Trait order changed from Warded > Cursed > Arcane to Cursed > High Ancestry > Arcane

Dark Maiden
* Changed Snare to Dark Ancestry
* Changed Cursed to Snare

* Changed Slippery to Dark Ancestry

* Changed Elf Bond to Dark Ancestry

Shadow Blade
* Changed Divine Slayer to Dark Ancestry

Spider Knight
* Changed Elf Bond to Dark Ancestry

Spider Queen
* Changed Life Drain to Dark Ancestry

* Changed Sturdy to Dark Ancestry

* Changed Elemental Bond to Wood Ancestry

Glade Warden
* Changed Elf Bond to Wood Ancestry

Lady Anariel
With Lady Anariel getting a small buff by exchanging Mana Shield for Wood Ancestry, we felt we needed to increase her mana cost to counter this.
* Changed Mana Shield to Wood Ancestry
* Mana cost increased from 12 to 13

Thorn Knight
* Changed Nature Heart to Wood Ancestry

* We felt that Tyri’s Arcane trait has very little effect in either early or end game, while Greedy and Steathly both suit her theme.
* Changed Arcane to Wood Ancestry

* Changed Mana Shield to Sky Ancestry

* Changed Mana Shield to Sky Ancestry

* Changed Mana Shield to Sky Ancestry

Emperor Liang
* Changed Mana Shield to Sky Ancestry

Troop Refunds
The following troops will be available for Refund:
* Florian
* Lady Anariel
* Nyx
* Prince Ethoras
* The Dragon Soul
* Tyri
* Valkyrie

Please note this update is across all versions of the game.

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88 Comments ON " 3.3 Patch Notes "
  • alt_example

    M February 22, 2018 at 01:00 - Reply

    The Dragon Soul was nerfed a bit too hard. It’s new third trait is really bad, and Dragon Bond is a pretty lame replacement for Mana Shield.

    Nyx on the other hand needed a much heavier beating with the nerf hammer, considering she’s way to much of a cheap mythic killer.

    Hoping next update will give TDS a little more love then THIS. Nerfing was needed sure, but this is just a complete gutting.

    Yet the Nyx griefer team will just happily live on.

    Also Gargantaur definitly needs some serious buffing. Surprised he got nothing. Anything that depends on ally death is a terrible strategy anyway. You’d have to be losing to stand a chance at winning. Maybe buff based on enemy and ally Orcs present?’

    Nice to see less GW, hopefully the other events will be more fun. *Fingers crossed, a bit… hesitant, but we’ll see!*

  • alt_example

    M February 22, 2018 at 04:24 - Reply

    I also noticed a drop in the amount of gold and souls gained.

    And Treasure Gnomes showed up… then quickly disappeared.

    Noooot so sure how much I’ll end up liking this…

    Also the U.I. still doesn’t look so great either compared to how it used to. Even if it did improve a little.

    I’m going to withhold judgment till this thing is fully hammered out, but my first impression… isn’t so hot.

  • alt_example

    Teddy Mackay February 22, 2018 at 05:41 - Reply

    So ein Haufen sinnlose Änderungen, nur kann es keiner lesen, der kein Englisch kann. Und man kann immer noch nicht erkennen, welche Karte zu welchem Königreich gehört? UND was soll der Quatsch mit nur noch alle 3 Wochen Gildenkrieg???

  • alt_example

    Bruce Robison February 22, 2018 at 06:23 - Reply

    how do we increase hero masteries to the new levels. since I was locked out of increasing them when I hit lvl 1000. I believe I saw a note appear that the cap is 1500 now.

  • alt_example

    Lee February 22, 2018 at 11:33 - Reply

    Since updating i know have a server connection issue.
    Will not load game!

  • alt_example

    SerialTypist February 22, 2018 at 11:40 - Reply

    Since update – cannot connect to server.

  • alt_example

    Aaron February 22, 2018 at 12:47 - Reply

    Can connect since the update. Using iOS iPhone 7.

  • alt_example

    Felldritch February 22, 2018 at 13:42 - Reply

    Was Runic Blade (Hero Weapon) changed? Used it this morning and it dealt damage but did not generate the skill point increased as it was supposed to. Killed three enemies with it in one game and no skill point changes.

  • alt_example

    Mike February 22, 2018 at 18:15 - Reply

    Finally some decent changes after UI change. I like new banners and rounded cards and animations. Thanks for adding troop kingdom on troop card. I still missing old UI but last changes are step to right direction

  • alt_example

    Arkade February 23, 2018 at 00:35 - Reply

    Dragon soul was seriously nerfed in this update while mab wasn’t. Granted, mana shield was too much for dragon soul as it would have made him OP ( bc he can revive himself). Mab, however, is basically team killer as she can one-hit an entire team with the right setup. Get it right, at least nerf mab a little bit.

  • alt_example

    Deschamps Koen February 23, 2018 at 14:19 - Reply

    I play with goblins after update on PC, ik mis some card. I had 4 cards of Princess Fizzbang now I have only one. It’s the same for Queen Grapplepot,, Goblin King and all mine other goblins are mssing also cards. Upgrading to an new ascension take time. Can this probleem fixed. I play teh game als on Android and after update I have the problems.
    Best regards.
    Koen Deschamps.

  • alt_example

    Paparazite February 23, 2018 at 21:08 - Reply

    With last patch ‘Xathenos’ not work properly, because summon 1-3 random Undead not work.
    And sea the French translation for his 3 weapons… the 3 have different name (Âme de Xanéthos / Coeur de Xathénos / L’oeil de Xathenos) instead of Xathénos.

    • alt_example

      Just_Me February 26, 2018 at 00:03 - Reply

      The same happened to my Xathenos too, though he works fine for other guildmates

  • alt_example

    Stratton Scott February 24, 2018 at 17:42 - Reply

    Thanks for the extensive and complete write-up of the changes! I know it’s a pain, but having it in writing accessible from the game is hugely helpful. Thanks!


  • alt_example

    Leandro February 27, 2018 at 23:02 - Reply

    If you do not have good things, go find something useful. But do not ruin the game with this stupid change you made in the “Dragon Soul” card. Go take well in the bottom of your ass. Come back urgently as it was before, 50% chance of rebirth and that’s it. It does not matter if the card is heavily used or not, each player has to decide that on their own, but as it was before, without that fucking exchange delay they did.retarda que fizeram.

  • alt_example

    Rachel February 28, 2018 at 21:41 - Reply

    since update i cannot level up and having cards in ascension it will not allow

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