3.4 Patch Notes


* Pets have been added to the game
* Pets can be viewed in the Troop Menu (on the Pets tab)
* Pets can be unlocked via the Pet Rescue minigame (more on that below)
* Pets come in 3 Types: Buff, Loot or Event
* Buff Pets will increase team bonuses from Kingdom, Color or Troop Type. They may also increase a Gem Mastery
* Loot Pets provide small bonuses towards XP, Gold or Souls earned. The Hero Bonus pop up on the world map has been updated to include any bonuses from these Pets
* Event Pets give no bonuses and are cosmetic only, however they can still be levelled for Pet Mastery
* Pets can be levelled using Pet Food
* There are 7 Types of Pet Food, 6 Colored and 1 Generic
* Using correct colored Pet Food for a Pet will give double XP (Pet Color is displayed as the Pet Card Background). Generic white food gives regular XP, while incorrectly-colored food gives only 20% XP
* Pet Food can be earned from Pet Rescue Event (as part of Rewards), manually trading-in excess Pets (once they have been maxed out – kind of like disenchanting troops), or by crafting food in the Soul Forge
* Pets have level caps (similar to Troop rarities), and need more copies of the pet in order to merge them together and raise the level cap to the next point
* At reaching levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 the Pet’s bonus increases becoming more effective
* Pets can be equipped to appear on your hero’s shoulder
* With the 3.4 Update, there will be 36 different Pets available to collect
* A new Pet will be released each month

Pet Mastery

* Pet Mastery is viewed in the Troop Menu > Pets Tab, replacing the Team List
* Pet Mastery is a new system that rewards players for collecting and levelling Pets
* Pet Mastery is the total sum of all a player’s collected Pets’ levels
* Every 5 levels of Pet Mastery will give a reward of Gems
* Every 25 levels of Pet Mastery will give a Chaos Orb (instead of the normal Gems)
* Every 100 levels of Pet Mastery will give a Greater Chaos Orb (instead of Gems or lesser Chaos Orb)

Pet Rescue

* New Gnomes (Pet Gnomes) will only appear in Ranked PVP, Casual PVP, or Arena
* Defeat Pet Gnomes to unlock a limited time (1 hour) Pet Rescue Event for you and your guildmates
* Only 1 Pet Rescue can be active at a time, so defeating a Pet Gnome while an Event is running will drop Pet food instead
* Pet Rescues require players to defeat 8 battles that get increasingly harder battles to save the Pet from their captor
* Each Battle will give a reward, which may contain a pet or some pet food
* Winning all 8 battles will guarantee the Pet from the Event for that player
* Each player in the guild must earn the pet from the Pet Event by themselves (so while it unlocks for everyone in a guild, it’s plays like a solo event)
* Once per week a scheduled Pet Rescue Event will happen for 24hrs allowing players to attempt to rescue that Pet
* New Pets will first appear in a scheduled event then have a chance to appear from Pet Gnome events


* Doomskulls now can appear in puzzle games instead of a normal skull (but at a lower rate, around 10%)
* Like in Puzzle Quest when matched they will explode, destroying the gems around them
* Doomskulls will provide +5 extra damage when matched or destroyed
* New Doomskull related spells and traits will be featured in the upcoming kingdom, Dhrak-Zum

New Daily Login Rewards

* Players now get 2 different login rewards: Weekly and Monthly rotations
* Weekly Rewards work similar to the current login rewards, for each concurrent day you login, the reward increases until you reach Day 7
* After reaching Day 7, the weekly rewards will then reset back to the start (rather than continuing at Day 7)
* To account for the fact that we reset these rewards every 7 days, we’ve also added monthly rewards
* Monthly Login have rewards for 28 days and reset each month
* Monthly Rewards will not reset if you miss a day and will continue where you left off for that month
* There may also be special login rewards that run during the year to celebrate special events. They function separately and on different schedules to Weekly and Month Login Rewards, but are viewed through the same menus
* Daily Login no longer gives bonus Gold per day for your Guild’s trophy-rank. It now gives bonus guild seals per day instead


* Simplified Chinese is now a supported language
* Upgraded our Game Engine to a newer version of Unity
* Updated the Game Icon (iOS/Android/PC Only)
* Improvements to the downloading popups, to make them less intrusive
* Can now link account from the opening screen. No need to play through the tutorial if you want to link your existing account
* Other tutorial and help popups have been implemented to help explain various aspects of the game
* Spell Filters have been added in to the Troop and Spell Filter Menu
* Changes have been made to rewards screen to prevent stacking of like rewards from Treasure Gnomes
* Troops from the last couple of months have been added to Arena
* 2 New Achievements (PS4/XB1) relating to Pets and the Pet Rescue Events
* Help Popups can now be displayed on resources from the Battle Results or Rewards List
* Pet Gnome troop cards can now be earned from Gnome Vaults

Troop Balance

Bastite Priestess
* Spell’s conditional affect now trigger is anyone in the battle has Death Mark
* Mana cost reduced from 13 to 12

* Spell damage is now boosted by his missing Life.

Dark Master
* Mana cost reduced from 13 to 12
* Spell damage now scales off ½ Magic
* No Longer gains Magic at Levels: 2, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 19

Frost Giant
* Change Water Brand trait to Water Spirit
* Base damage increased from 1 to 3

Gnoll, Wild Fang & Savage Hunter
We wanted the Gnoll troops’ targets to be slightly easier to predict while keeping that random element.
* Spell now targets either the first or last enemy.

King Mikhail
* Base spell increased from 2 to 4
* Now Gains Magic at levels 4, 7, 15, 19
* Bonus damage increased from 6 to 9

Mummified King
Mummified King missed out on gaining Undying with the rest of the undead due to requiring a change to his spell. That change has finally arrived and he can finally take his place amongst the undying.
* Spell will now death mark a random ally instead of just death marking himself
* Changed Undead Bond trait to Undying
* Base spell damage increased from 6 to 8

The Widow Queen
* She can now only target her allies, and can’t target herself
* Mana cost reduced from 17 to 16
* Boost Ratio increased from 5:1 to 3:1

* Mana cost reduced from 22 to 20
* Boost Ratio increased from x6 to x8

Raid Boss + Invasion Troops
The following Buff affects: Xiong Mao, Stone-Shaker, Freya, Ironbark,Morterra, TED-1000, Queen’s Herald
* Base spell damage increased from 2 to 4

Raid Boss + Invasion Troops
The following Buff affects: Hook Sword, Beastly Bow, Glacial Crystal, Elemental Bow, Bone Shield, Mecha Axe, The Edge Protector
* Base spell damage increased from 5 to 7
* Boost ratio increased from x4 to x6

Orc Exclusive Traits
Orc Armor, Orc Cunning, Orc Fury and Gargantaur’s Dark Fury trait will now trigger when taking damage to either Life OR Armor.

Troop Fixes

Fixed rare bug with Aspect of Humility, so it should now only trigger when Humility takes damage to Life.

Fixed an issue with Sol’Zara’s spell so she should now be giving Souls correctly if the enemy’s Life is greater than yours.

Slayer Traits
Slayer traits (like Beast Slayer) that deal double damage when dealing skull damage have been changed to troop needs to deal damage for trait to trigger. Will no longer trigger if troop is entangled or has 0 Attack. We will be reviewing other traits that trigger when matching skulls or dealing skull damage in the future in regard to this getting this change.

Troop Refunds

The following troops will be available for refund until weekly reset next week:
* Gnoll
* Humility
* Savage Hunter
* Wild Fang

Bug Fixes

* Fixed issue with Impervious trait triggering when Mana Drain is performed on that troop
* Fixed bugs relating to the timing of certain spells
* Fixed board gem mana calculations when using unusual gem combinations
* Fixed issues with Gnomes not giving rewards if other troops are summoned over the top
* Xbox and PS4 Holiday Gems setting will now display and save correctly
* Fixed Guild Roster issues when Promoting, Demoting or Kicking players without exiting the screen first
* Fixed display issues with treasure gnome rewards not showing properly in round-results screen
* Fixed a memory issue when opening chests multiple times
* Performing multiple actions on one user in the Guild Roster no longer crashes
* Fixed issue where name change button would display “0 Gems” instead of correct gem cost
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

* When a player receives a “Minor Blue Water Traitstone”, sometimes the reward doesn’t display properly in the rewards list (it may not appear or appear with incorrect text or icon), but the reward is still given
* In a week where the Guild Wars is not active, if you go into the Guild Wars screen it will incorrectly show the days left in the Guild War at the bottom of the schedule
* Guild Wars also incorrectly tells the player that they are not involved in the current guild war, even though there is no Guild War running
* If there is a server status message (informing of maintenance or an issue), it will appear squashed on the opening splash screen

Please note this update is across all versions of the game.

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