4.2 Patch Notes

Guild Admin Menu

The Guild Admin menus have their own new screen, which can be accessed from the Guild Pop up menu.

* Guild Announcement is still edited and viewable from this screen
* Rank 2 guild members will still be able to leave from this screen
* Weekly Requirements can be set from this screen for Gold, Guild Seals and Trophies.
* Weekly Requirements will be visible to all players on the Guild Roster

* Guild Leaders can set up their own recruitment message (this includes listing out any requirements the guild might have)
* A new Slider has been added so the guild can set how “casual –> hardcore” they are
* Guild Requirements, the Recruit message and Slider settings will be displayed for guilds in the Guild Search menu

* Guild Leaders are now able to set their own custom Rank names
* Rank names can now be set separately for both male and female heroes
* Custom names have a profanity filter to try and avoid inappropriate guild rank names
* Guild Permissions for each rank will also display on this screen

* Guild leaders can now change the guild background to any unlocked background image
* New background images are unlocked as your guild gains trophies

* Guilds are now able to set sliders to adjust Guild Task priorities
* On the Guild Task screen, the task with the highest priority will gain a glow effect indicating to other members that this is the task they should be focusing on first
* Once the highest priority tasks are completed, the next task(s) will gain the indicator
* Tasks can share priorities, meaning that 2 or more tasks will gain the indicator on the task screen, and won’t move on to the next priorities until both are completed

Guild Shields

* Guild Shields have had a graphic update
* Guilds can now customize shields further with the additions of Shield Borders and Shield Patterns
* Some shield parts can only be unlocked by guild achievements including:

  • o Trophy Number
  • o Guild Level

* More shield parts will be unlockable in the future, as well as new unlock methods

Guild Activity Log

* The Guild Activity Log has returned and improved (it was removed in 2.0)
* The Guild Activity Log button is located on the Guild Overview menu
* The Activity Log will track the following:

  • o Players joining or leaving the guild (includes players being kicked)
  • o Guild leveling up
  • o Gold contributions to tasks
  • o Guild promotions or demotions
  • o Guild statue level ups
  • o Guild Admin changes
  • o Guild Chest levels unlocked
  • o Tasks Completed
  • o Player reaching Tier 1 in PvP

* The Guild Activity Log is viewable by any guild member
* The Guild Activity Log is able to be filtered

More Guild Improvements

* Guild Ranks no longer have limitations on the number of players for each rank (except for Guild Leader/ Rank 1 which is still only 1 player)
* Guild members will now be marked as inactive on the Roster list if they haven’t played for some time (about 21 Days)
* Any guild member who is marked as inactive can be kicked from the Guild, this includes inactive Guild Leaders
* If a player is not Rank 1 or 2 in their guild, the Guild Leave Button will be displayed in the Guild Pop Up (the menu where the guild events are accessed from), instead of the Guild Admin button
* If a player decides to leave a guild, there is a 2-day cooldown for re-joining that guild
* Any player kicked from the guild will not be able to re-join that guild again. (This was introduced to stop trolls re-joining guilds they had previously been kicked from)
* Players can be invited back into a guild without being affected by the guild joining cooldown

Guild Profile

* Guilds now have a profile that can be viewed
* The profile will display:

  • o Guild Name
  • o Guild Level Number
  • o Number of Members
  • o Guild Trophies
  • o League Rank
  • o Guild Wars Rank
  • o Guild Shield
  • o Weekly Requirements for Gold, Guild Seals and Trophies
  • o Level Requirement for joining

* The profile can be viewed from:

  • o Guild Leaderboard
  • o Hero Profile
  • o Guild Event Leaderboards
  • o Guild Wars Roster

* Players can join a guild from the Guild’s Profile Popup, if that Guild doesn’t have “Invite Only” turned on

Hero Profile

* Hero Profile has had a graphic update
* Players can now view more stats on Hero profile including Underworld Progress
* The pop up will display the player’s home kingdom background and particle effects related to that kingdom

New Status Effects

* BLESS: This is a positive status effect that grants a temporary Impervious effect, and cancels out the Cursed effect (see below). Bless ends when you cast a spell, or deal damage with skulls as the first troop.

* CURSED: This is a negative status effect that makes all other status effects (including itself) only half as likely to automatically cleanse. In addition, it makes all affected troops able to be devoured, mana burned, or inflicted with negative status effects even if they would ordinarily be immune. It also cancels the Blessed effect (see above). It can cleanse automatically like most other negative status effects (though at half the rate).

* BLEED: This is a negative status effect that causes a troop to take damage each turn. It can stack up to 4 times, and each stack increases to damage inflicted. One stack gives 1 damage per turn, 2 Stacks is 3 damage per turn, 3 stacks if 6 damage per turn, and 4 stacks is 10 damage per turn. It can cleanse automatically like most other negative status effects.

New Achievements

We have 3 new achievements on PS4, XB1, Steam and Google Play.

* Colonel Muster’d – Unlock 300 Troops
* The Land Down Under – Unlock 5 Factions
* People Know Me – Reach 5,000 Total Underworld Renown

Balance Changes

Exploder Affixes
We have reviewed the affixes that contained explosions and changed them so they have a similar purpose without interfering with the board and causing players to miss out on extra turns. All changes have been listed below:
* Crazy – Now gives a random Ally 2 Mana
* Glacial – Now gives all Blue Allies 2 Mana
* Elven – Now gives all Green Allies 2 Mana
* Volcanic – Now gives all Red Allies 2 Mana
* Angelic – Now gives all Yellow Allies 2 Mana
* Daemonic – Now gives all Purple Allies 2 Mana
* Dwarven – Now gives all Brown Allies 2 Mana
* Deadly – Now gives all Allies 2 Mana
* Doomed Storm – Now drains 2 Mana from 2 random Enemies
* Doomed Ice – Now drains 2 Mana from Blue Enemies
* Doomed Nature – Now drains 2 Mana from Green Enemies
* Doomed Fire – Now drains 2 Mana from Red Enemies
* Doomed Light – Now drains 2 Mana from Yellow Enemies
* Doomed Darkness – Now drains 2 Mana from Purple Enemies
* Doomed Stone – Now drains 2 Mana from Brown Enemies
* Doomed Bone – Now drains 2 Mana from all Enemies
* Doomed Grave – Now drains 3 Mana from all Enemies

Winter Imp
* Legendary Trait, Chill now gives 8 Magic instead of 1
* Spell now freezes all remaining enemies, if an enemy dies (instead of gaining magic)
* Base spell damage increase from 3 to 4
* Boost ratio increased from 2:1 to x2
* Now also gains Magic at levels 14, 16, 17, 19

Summer Imp
* Legendary Trait, Sunshine now gives 8 Magic instead of 1

Spring Imp
* Legendary Trait, Seedling now gives 8 Magic instead of 1

Autumnal Imp
* Legendary Trait, Fall now gives 8 Magic instead of 1

Imp of Love
* Legendary Trait, Compassion now gives 8 Magic instead of 1

Spooky Imp
* Legendary Trait, Boo now gives 8 Magic instead of 4

Trait Name Changes
With the introduction of the Blessed + Cursed status effects, the previous traits that shared this name have been renamed:
* Blessed trait has been changed to Revered
* Cursed trait has been changed to Accursed


* Added an ‘Ascend All’ button in the troop upgrade menu

  • o Players get notified about it at level 100
  • o It will ascend troops to their highest available rarity
  • o If multiple troops are in use in a team it will only perform the ascension if it can do so without invalidating those teams

* While a Storm is active in the puzzle game, clicking the Left Stick on a controller or tapping on the Storm’s Gem will display a help window giving more information about what the Storm does
* Additional Alerts have been added for various events that occur
* Alerts are now possible to enable in your web browser (Windows and Android based browsers)
* Improvements have been made to our asset servers, which should see significant increases in download speed when assets are downloaded or updated
* A new Gnome, the Jewel Gnome, can now be found in PVP and Explore battles

Bug Fixes

* Fixed the issue causing lag when in the Troop Collection Menu
* Fixed the issue where defeating the Cedric Hideaway room was not applying its Delve Trait correctly
* Fixed an issue where Spectral Knight’s spell was not dealing damage correctly
* Fixed an issue where enemy Heroes were being transformed in level 0 Baby Dragons
* Fixed an issue where summoned troops on AI Teams in Live events didn’t have traits
* Fixed an issue where the Ingot/Affix tutorial was triggering for Doomed Weapons
* Fixed a visual issue with Legendary Tasks displaying Gold instead of possible Troops, Keys, and other rewards
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

* Hero level is not displayed on the new Hero Profile
* Help button on Alerts tab in Settings menu does not function on Steam/Mobile.