6.4 Update: Legends Reborn

  • Legends Reborn is a 2 week long event that runs in a Kingdom.
  • The chosen Kingdom will have an icon on the Kingdom’s name plate on the World Map (similar to when a Quest is available for the Kingdom has bonus Mythstones).
  • Legends Reborn can be accessed from 3 places:
    • Games Menu
    • News Menu
    • Kingdom Menu for chosen Kingdom in Legends Reborn – Players who have completed the storyline for the Kingdom that Legends Reborn is happening in will be able to access the event from that Kingdom’s Menu.
  • While Legends Reborn is active, players can replay the Kingdom’s Storyline (from the Legends Reborn Menu).
    • Players will not gain the Quest Bonus Income, Unlock Challenges, or Troop rewards that may have been gained when playing the Storyline Quests normally.
    • Players will not be able to replay the Kingdom’s Class Quest.
  • The Kingdom Storyline in Legends Reborn will have a starting difficulty of Level 20, and increase in difficulty for each battle played.
  • Playthroughs at a higher difficulty will unlock during the event.
    • DIFFICULTY II (Lv 50): Day 3
    • DIFFICULTY III (Lv 80): Day 6
    • DIFFICULTY IV (Lv 110): Day 9
    • DIFFICULTY V (Lv 140): Day 12
  • Each playthrough will unlock copies of a special Pet that will buff an Epic Rarity Troop from that Kingdom.
  • Also during a Legends Reborn event, players will be able to earn a “Kingdom Collectible” for the event by defeating Enemies of that Kingdom’s primary color (in any game mode, except for Training mode).
  • Earning this Kingdom collectible will unlock Reward Tiers for the Legends Reborn event.
  • In each Tier there are 4 types of Rewards a player can collect:
    • FREE: These rewards are free to collect, and contain a Pet that will buff a Troop of Ultra-Rare or Lower Rarity.
    • GEM: These rewards can be purchased using Gems, and contain a Pet that will buff a Legendary Rarity Troop, as well as other rewards (including Cursed Gnome bait)
    • CASH: These rewards can be purchased using real money, and contain a Pet that will buff a Mythic Rarity Troop, as well as other rewards (including a Orb of Power).
    • BONUS: These rewards become available if a player collects all the other rewards in the Tier.
  • A player cannot collect a reward in a higher tier unless they have collected the matching reward in a lower tier.
    • E.g. Players would need to collect the Tier I Gem Reward before they would be able to collect/purchase the Tier II Gem Reward. There is no need to purchase the Tier I Cash Reward though in order to get the Tier II Gem Reward or the Tier II Free Reward.
  • All pets available in Kingdoms Reborn will also be available from Pet Gnomes.
  • Legends Reborn does not have a set schedule when it will run (compared to other events like Guild Wars).
(Our first Legends Reborn Event will start at weekly reset on August 1st)

Some platforms are now requiring all games to include in-game account deletion. So players on Steam, iOS and Android will now be able to delete their account from within the game. (We will be looking to bring this feature to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch Players in a future update.)

  • In the Settings Menu > Account, players will find a new Delete Account button that will allow them to start the countdown to delete their account.
  • Once a player confirms they would like to delete their account, it will start a 20 day timer before the deletion will take place
    • There will be a confirmation screen after the player decides to start the countdown so players are aware it’s active.
    • We have put in a 20 day timer to prevent players from accidentally having their account deleted.
  • Players who have started the timer will get a pop up message every time after daily reset reminding them that the deletion countdown is in progress and how many days remain.
  • Players can change their mind at any time and just click on the Delete Account button again to stop it.
    • Stopping an account deletion, and then restarting it will reset the countdown back to 20 days.
  • After the countdown ends the game will then delete the player’s account from the game server similar to a GDPR request (for those familiar with this). THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED.
    • This will include any purchases that have been made so please make sure before you decide to delete your account.

We have made some visual changes to the following things, as part of an ongoing upgrade to various game elements. This is visual only. Expect more things to be upgraded into a similar style in future updates over the next 12 months.

  • Headings on menu with Tab Navigation
  • Tab Navigation Bars
  • Green Buttons in the game
    • These Buttons will have a few color variations based on what they do in the game.

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Kingdom Crusher: Complete a Kingdom Story 5 times in a single Legends Reborn event.
  • If I Were a Rich Man: Collect 300 Kingdom currency in a single Legends Reborn event.

  • We have added a filter for Hero Classes for players to use when creating new teams. Players will be able to filter Hero Classes by:
    • Color (based on the Color the Class gives bonus Magic to)
    • Kingdom
    • Troop Type
    • Talent Tree
  • We have added a new Heroic Gem to the game for a future Campaign.
  • We have made a change that when a player is banned from chat, it will also prevent them from changing their guild’s message.
  • We have rotated around Warbands so that Armored Legion and Entangled Woods have replaced Fire and Fury, and Goblin Gang Warbands.

  • We have fixed an issue where the Auto Play Mode button has no functionality when a Gem Storm information popup is invoked.
  • We have fixed an issue where some players were seeing the Deep Delve UI with black box around them.
  • We have fixed an issue where some players with different aspect ratios were not able to access the button to purchase more Delve Attempts.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Please Note that this update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Amazon, Xbox, and PlayStation. Switch will be receiving the update at a future date.