6.8 Update: Treasures & Temptations

We have redone the opening tutorial sequences for new players.

  • The new tutorial sequence now contains conversations that use the new comic style that we have in the rest of the game.
  • The new tutorial sequence contains 3 battles, each battle will teach 3 different things for the game.
  • The new tutorial sequence tells a new story introducing Luther, as well as new characters and troops (including Luther’s Daughter, Eleanor).
  • The new troops – Eleanor, Mysterious Hero, the Guardian Dragon, and the Militiaman come from Sword’s Edge and can be found from Chests after weekly reset. (This will allow players to update to 6.8 before these new troops are released.)
  • We have simplified Hero Creation so players choose between 3 possible Avatars, and can tap on the Hero name to change it.
    • Players can still change their avatar and hero name in the game like they can currently.

We have added a new type of popup tutorial in the new opening tutorial sequence. We will be looking to replace some of the existing tutorials with this new style of tutorial in future updates.

We have added a new random encounter system that can trigger at the end of non-boss battles in Explore and Delves.

  • The Wandering Merchant System has a 15% chance to trigger at the end of non-boss battles in Delves and Explores.
  • There are 4 different types of encounters that players may get:
    • The Merchant: This encounter will offer 2 deals (1 costing Gold, and 1 costing Gems). Players may choose one of the deals to spend their resources on.
    • The Genie: This encounter shows a possible buff and a possible debuff. Players can take the chance to get the buff, but have a chance to get the debuff instead. The effect gained will apply in battles until the end of the Delve Map or Explore Run.
    • The Daemon: This encounter shows a buff and a debuff. If a Player accepts the deal, they will get both the buff and the debuff in battles until the end of the Delve Map or Explore Run.
    • The Angel: This is the rarest encounter, which will present 2 possible rewards for players to choose between, they may only select 1 reward.
  • Players can close an encounter without engaging with it if they are not interested.
  • Once the encounter menu has been closed, it cannot be reopened if a player changes their mind.
  • If a player currently has a Gnome-A-Palooza running, Wandering Merchant encounters will not appear.
  • Wandering Merchant Encounters won’t appear after the 4th Explore Battle.

  • Flash Offers have had a visual update to match the new UI style.
  • We have added new Bonus Rewards to some Flash Offers.
  • Bonus Rewards are extra items that players will receive if the Flash Offer is purchased a number of times.
  • Not all Flash Offers will contain a Bonus Reward

We have 3 new Achievements for this update:

  • What Can I Do You For?: Encounter the Merchant 10 times
  • The Faustian Bargain: Encounter the Daemon 5 times
  • Touched By An Angel: Encounter the Angel 1 time

  • We have added a button that will appear on the World Map while a Holiday Event is running, making it easier for players to access the Holiday Event menus.
  • We have added new Heroic Gems to the game that will be part of future Campaigns or Kingdom Reworks.

  • We have fixed an issue where changing a Guild Wars defense team would also cause the default Guild Wars attack team to change.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Guild Wars unique defense troop bonus was not always being awarded.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.