7.5 Update: United We Stand

Gems of War update 7.5: United We Stand will be available from 5pm PDT Tuesday 21st of May on all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, due to reasons outside our control, the Nintendo Switch release for v7.5 is delayed. We will announce once we know the new release date.


Alliances are a new system. Players can join them and participate in Citadel Wars to take control of Citadels.

  • Players can choose their Alliance independent of their Guild.
    • This allows players in a Guild to be in different Alliances
  • There are 5 Alliances for Players to choose from:
    • The Bright Empire
    • The Enchanted Grove
    • The Dark Order
    • The Wild Horde
    • The Golden Forge
  • All Alliances are identical (apart from their names & shields), so it does not matter which one you join.
  • Each day a player is in an Alliance, they will receive +1 Loyalty for that Alliance
  • When players join their very first Alliance, they will be given 10 days Loyalty as a gift.
    • This is only the first Alliance they join, any Alliance a player may join after this first one will not give this perk.
  • If a player decides to leave their Alliance they will lose 25% of their Total VP (Weekly VP will not be affected), All their current Loyalty, and their current Alliance Rank.
    • Joining a new Alliance will recalculate the player’s rank based on Total VP and Loyalty (which will be 0 days, unless it is your very first Alliance).
  • To aid Alliances who don’t own 2 or more Citadels, their Alliance members will gain a skill point buff in all PvP Battles (Citadel + Quick Battle).
    • 0 Citadels Owned = +20% Skill Point Bonus
    • 1 Citadel Owned = +10% Skill Point Bonus
  • There is an Alliance Leaderboard Tab in the Alliance menu that will display the top 100 performers in your Alliance based on the number of Citadel points earned for the week (see Citadel Points below).
Alliance Ranks
  • Players need to earn Victory Points in a Season and Loyalty in an Alliance to advance up the Alliance Ranks.
  • There are 18 Alliance Ranks – 9 Legionary Ranks, and 9 Officer Ranks.
  • All Alliances use the same rank names.
  • The higher the rank, the more VP and Loyalty required.
  • Starting at Legionary VI (the 4th lowest rank) players will earn Daily Rewards from their Alliance (Silver, and eventually Gold Marks).
  • Daily Rewards will increase as players earn higher ranks within their Alliance.
  • Changing Alliance, and resetting your player’s rank will stop any daily rewards from being earned until you reach Legionary VI in the new Alliance.
Alliance Chat
  • When a player joins an alliance they will gain access to the Alliance’s Chat.
  • Alliance Chat will contain system messages intended to notify Alliance members when a Citadel is vulnerable, when the Alliance Wins or Loses a Citadel, when a Citadel’s voting is available, etc.
  • Players need to be rank Centurion V or higher to write into chat
    • This is to prevent malicious chat spam
  • If a player leaves their Alliance they will lose access to that Alliance Chat.

The central location in the regions is now available for players – Citadels.

  • All Regions have a Citadel in a central location of the Region menu
  • 1-2 Citadels will become vulnerable once a week from Daily Reset (excluding Wednesday and Sunday).
  • Vulnerable Citadels can be fought over by Alliances in Citadel Wars.
  • Blood Frenzy will never occur in any Region that has a vulnerable Citadel.
  • Players will be able to see when a Citadel will be vulnerable from their Alliance Overview Menu.
    • Players will also be able to jump directly to a Citadel from this menu as well.
Citadel Wars
  • Citadel Wars only last for 1 day
  • Players get 6 Citadel Sigils per day to spend in battle.
    • There is no version of the Valraven or Valhawk for Citadel Sigils.
  • Players can purchase more Citadel Sigils in the Citadel Bundle which contains 6 more Citadel Sigils. (This bundle can only be purchased 3 times per Day.)
  • Sigils are capped at 6 when they regenerate, if they are more than 6 Sigils though, none are lost.
  • Citadel Wars contain PvP Battles, and battles against the Citadel’s Guardian.
  • Similar to Quick Battle, players will have 3 opponents to choose between.
  • When you fight players in a Citadel Battle, you will not encounter any players from your Alliance.
  • Each Battle will give Citadel Points (CP) from completing them.
    • PvP Battles will be worth 10% of the final VP earned from a battle (minus any boost from Victory Talismans… i.e. you can’t inflate your CP by using Victory Talismans).
    • The first Citadel Guardian is worth 25 CP
  • After defeating 4 PvP Battles, Players will then face off with the Citadel Guardian.
  • As players complete battles, the battles will increase in difficulty (both the Player Opponents and the Citadel Guardians).
    • Enemy stats will increase by 10% after the first battle, and be worth +2 CP more per battle.
    • Citadel Guardians will increase by +50 Levels, and be worth +25 CP more per battle.
  • After defeating the Citadel Guardian, players can play through another 4 battles to gain access to the Citadel Guardian again (if they have the Sigils to do so).
  • There will be 4 Citadel Guardians available when Citadel Wars launches (but we may add more in the future).
    • Citadel Guardians will not be collectible at this time.
  • Citadel Guardians will only appear in their set Region, so players will always encounter the same Guardian when fighting in a Region.
  • At daily reset, players can no longer play Citadel Battles in that Region, and the winning Alliance is decided.
Citadel War Rewards
  • There are 2 types of Rewards that can be earned in Citadel Wars:
    • Player Rewards: Players can earn additional rewards from participating in Citadel Wars (on top of their regular Rewards for PvP Battles)
    • Alliance Rewards: As well as being able to vote on the following week’s Restrictions (see below), and Heroic Gem in the Region (see below). Alliances also get an extra reward for winning a Citadel War.
  • Player Reward Details:
    • After winning the third PvP Battle, players will receive 5 Gold Marks.
    • After winning against the Citadel Guardian, players will receive 2 Swift Talismans and 10 Gold Marks.
    • These player rewards can be earned each time players run through the 5 battles.
    • The Swift Talisman is a new Talisman that will give the Swift Trait to all Allied Troops in the battle. It can only be earned from defeating a Citadel Guardian.
  • Alliance Reward Details:
    • When an Alliance wins a Citadel War, they will receive a special version of the Region Bonus for that Region, that will give Gold Marks instead of Silver Marks for the next 24hrs after winning the Citadel.
    • This Special Region Bonus can only be earned once per week.
    • The amount of Gold Marks will be scaled based on the size of the Alliance when they win the Citadel.
    • Players must be Alliance rank Legionary VIII or higher to be able to claim this reward (to prevent players jumping into a winning Alliance to try and earn this perk each day).
Citadel Voting
  • On Daily Reset every Sunday, if an Alliance owns a Citadel, they will be able to vote for restrictions and Heroic Gems to randomly drop in that Region for the next week.
  • Citadel Voting lasts for 24 hours
  • Players need to have an Alliance Loyalty of at least 10 Days to be able to participate in Citadel voting.
    • This is to prevent players hopping between Alliances trying to influence region voting
  • Players can cast their votes, choosing one of 3 different Restrictions and one of 3 different Heroic Gems.
  • After voting, players will then see the current voting results.
  • The winning Restrictions and Heroic Gems will then appear in the upcoming week’s battles in that Region.
Legends Reborn Improvements

We have made a few improvements to Legends Reborn Events

  • Players only have to play through the Kingdom’s quest once, rather than 5 times over the duration of the event.
    • Players will still receive enough copies of the Quest Pet to upgrade it to Mythic.
    • They will also now receive a bonus amount of the event’s collectible currency.
  • Legends Reborn will now be a 1 week event (similar to the Mist of Scales event back in February).
  • We have added a 2 day grace period after the event ends, so players who are playing close to the end of the event will have a chance to collect or purchase any tier rewards they have unlocked.
  • We have added new pips to the Legends Reborn button on the World Map and on the Games menu. When players have rewards that can be collected or purchased, these pips will be visible.
  • We have updated the menu to be a single menu (not split over 2 menus, as it was previously), which reflects the changes mentioned above.
  • We have updated the collectible currency icons for the events, to make them easier to see in battles.
  • We are reviewing the Tier Rewards and will have some changes coming in the next events (similar to some of the changes we tried in the Mist of Scales Legends Reborn event).

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Part of the Club: Join an Alliance.
  • You Are Victorious!: Defeat 10 Citadel Guardians.
  • We have added a new Heroic Gem for a future Campaign.
  • We have added code to improve variation of teams in the PVP opponent selection screen.
    • This should make it less likely you will see 3 opponents with the same team on the same opponent selection screen.
  • We have changed the “Troop More Info” menu for Shiny Troops that are fully maxed out so the progress bar and shiny icon will continue to display (just saying that the troop is fully maxed out for Shiny Levels). 
    • This will make it easier for players to bring up the Shiny Troop menu to read a Troop’s Shiny Lore, or see their bonus for each Shiny Level.
  • We have added a new slide option to the Battle Pause menu for Bonus Mana, which will display all Bonus Mana earned from Traits, Class Talents, or Kingdom Banners.
  • We have sped up the animations when players first enter the Holiday Event menu.
  • We have updated the UI for the Puzzle Battle dropdown menu (where players can access Game Speed and Chat).
  • We have added a new option to the Puzzle Battle dropdown menu – Heroic Gem Guide. This option will show a popup that lists all the currently available Heroic Gems and what they do.
    • This should help players not only with any Heroic Gems on the Board but any mentioned in spells.
Bug Fixes
  • We have fixed an issue where text in the Adventure Board popup was misaligned.
  • We have fixed an issue where placeholder text would sometimes display on the initial loading screen.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.