A New Mythic Approaches – Gargantaur

New Mythic Troop: Gargantaur

As Gar’Nok has proven, Orcs can become strangely obsessed – sometimes romantically – with things far beyond their reach. On such tale involved an Orcish Chieftainess named Dar’Lekka.

Ordinarily, there is somewhat of a rusty-iron ceiling for female Orcish warriors. To say that Orcish War-Councils are a bit of an “old boyz club” is akin to saying that well-worn Orcish underpants are a little bit whiffy. Dar’Lekka, however, was bigger, smarter, faster, and stronger than any other clan chieftain, so it wasn’t long before she found herself in command of a horde large enough to commit some serious pillaging in more civilized lands.

And this is where Dar’Lekka made a small mistake. Given the choice of fighting weak skinny Elves, weak skinny Naga, or huge hulking Daemons, she chose the latter because it seemed like a challenge more befitting her stature. Traditionally, Orcish invasions into the Blighted Lands have never gone well, but Dar’Lekka was faring better than most, when unfortunately she caught sight of her first Incubus…

[Insert piece of raunchy Orc x Daemon fan-fiction here]

Six months later, Gargantaur was born, half-Orc, half-Daemon.

From the age of 6 months he seemed to have an insatiable appetite for murder, having killed 3 of his mother’s house-Goblins by wielding her 4th house-Goblin as a blunt weapon. And he GREW… quickly and incessantly, so much so, that by the age of 5 Dar’Lekka sent him north to the Forest of Thorns, where he could indulge his passion amongst the Elves and Beasts of the woods.

Unfortunately, after that, Gargantaur seemed to vanish for a time, having last been seen, twice his previous size, punching Dragons up near Dragon’s Claw. But now he’s back, twice as large again, and ready for slaughter – friends or foes, it doesn’t matter to Gargantaur!

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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