A New Mythic Approaches – Skadi

New Mythic Troop: Skadi

Despite her size, Skadi, the Queen of the Winter Solstice, is one of the oldest and most powerful creatures in Krystara.
Many believe that she was a servant of Anu, whom he tasked with creating the frosty northern lands, and she loved her work so much she chose to remain there.
Others tell tales where she was the first Fey of the Winter Court, and Queen Mab is her direct descendant.

Whether that is true or not, she certainly watches over the royal family of the Winter Court. When Mab was a young princess, she was once attacked by a group of Yeti. Skadi was on hand, as always, to save the day (changing the seasons to warm the weather up and chase the Yeti away to their deep caves). The young Mab swore an oath to protect Skadi on that day, and now she can call Mab to her side whenever SHE is in danger.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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