A New Mythic Approaches – Undine

New Mythic Troop Troop: Undine

Undine is the Demigod of the western oceans, son of the Sea God Seidonis. He is worshipped by the Merfolk of Merlantis, and although he mostly resides in a separate plane of existence, he keeps a close eye on the seas and the folk who pay him tribute; even many of the Blackhawk pirates have an unwavering faith in Undine’s ability to grant them safe passage.

An ancient tale is told of a young pirate who was washed overboard in the middle of a fierce storm. He found a piece of driftwood to cling to, and as he floated, desperate and miserable, he began to pray to Undine for help. After a day and night, he spotted a small boat off in the distance, he considered waving and yelling to get their attention, but he was confident Undine would hear his prayers and save him.
The following day, he spied a huge merchant ship from the Leonis Empire. Once again, he considered attracting their attention, but he was still confident Undine would save him, so he let them sail by.
Another day passed, and he spied a Griffon Knight from Sword’s Edge flying overhead. They seemed to spot him, and waved, but he was still so certain Undine would save him, he never waved back.
On the fourth day, a large wave washed over him and he drowned. As his soul departed his body, he saw Undine watching over him, and he said, “Great Undine, why didn’t you save me? Have I ever been unfaithful, or doubted you?”
And Undine replied, “Sheesh! I sent a boat, a merchant galley, and damnable griffon… what MORE would you have me do?”

Undine will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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