Mythic Troop Famine

A New Mythic Approaches

Don’t Starve!

New Mythic Troop: Famine

A second horseman has arrived! Famine is here!

From the mysterious hidden kingdom, Apocalypse, another rider has appeared. Known simply as Famine, the realms of Krystara fear the sound of his hollow hoofbeats, as where he rides, crops wither and locusts swarm.

Famine will be the ONLY Mythic Troop available in chests for the next 7 days, so now is a great chance to make sure he’s on your team (after 7 days, War will be rejoining him in chests). He is available in Glory Chests, Gem Chests (10x Chance), and VIP Chests (100x Chance, for VIP players only).

Please note this Troop is currently only available to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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