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New Troop: Totem Guard

The Wargare are still a tribal culture – each tribe will have a totem placed centrally in its village, with some combination of ancestors, spirits, and even Wulfgarok, carved into it. They do not actually worship these creatures in the most direct sense, but believe that they will watch over the village from the eyes in their carvings, providing blessing and good fortune. Some examples of the spirits often found on their totems include:
* Kuruk the Bear, who always succeeds because of his powerful heart. He is positive and never critical of others.
* Misu the Beaver, who is always one step ahead of his rivals. He is open-minded and listens to others.
* Chuhoya the Deer, who is gentle and peace-loving. She is watchful and protective of others.
* Sheython the Hawk, who is fiery and impatient. She is a great hunter and provider for her family.
* Kotoro the Owl, who is wise and honest. He is humble and tolerant of others.
* Honiata the Dire Wolf, who is a great leader. She is a considerate yet still strong-willed.
* Wulfgarok the Eldest, who is the mightiest of warriors. He is hungry but will always share his catch.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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