Blackhawk Down

Get ready to walk the plank!

New Troop: Bonnie Rose

A tale by Lil’ Johnny Bronze…

Many years ago, Bonnie Rose were the first mate on me ship, and a finer first mate I’ve ne’er had!
Once, we were in a storm, the likes as would tear the tentacles off a Kraken.
Fearless as a rabid Raksha, she scales the mast to get a look at the weather.
Nary a minute later, a rogue wave hits the side o’ the ship, and knocks her clean off the mast.
She crashes down through the main deck, through the mess hall, and into me quarters.
I be thinkin’ she’s dead, but she just stands up and dusts herself off.
I says, “Bonnie, me girl, are ye hurt?”
And she looks me straight in the eye an’ says “Nay, Cap’n, I’ve been through hardships before!”

New Troop: Mimic

Another tale by Lil’ Johnny Bronze…

The Barkeeper asked us why we were a-carryin’ weapons into the bar.
I says “Mimics”
The barkeeper laughed.
Me crew laughed.
The table laughed.
We killed the table.
‘Twas good times, aye!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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