Bolt from the Blue

New Guide Troop: Huntmaster Arborius

Huntmaster Arborius will be available in the Journey Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Please note the Pathfinder trait is a unique Trait, this means the Trait cannot be stacked with itself, and only one Troop with the Pathfinder trait will apply its bonus in a Journey Event.

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Cobalt Drake

The Cobalt Drake will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Scaled Blade

This week it will be available in both the Journey shop, and in the Soulforge.

Journey Event Scoring

Players may notice that some of the Stage scores have changed compared to previous Journey events prior to 7.0. Some of the earlier Stages now require a few less Miles, while some of the Stages between 10-12 need a little more.

This is because when the event was originally implemented, the code that calculated the scoring was not taking into account the x3 Pathfinder multiplier some players get at these higher stages. However we have tried to keep most of the scaling for Stages to our new Reward Stages 13-16.

Trial Changes

We will be changing the Player team for Trials in Dragon’s Claw to the following:

  • Red Ahriman
  • Sylfrothenath
  • Matron Dragotani
  • Dragon Egg
With the Epic Trials happening this week, we wanted to give a team that would perform better at higher levels.
We have also changed the Enemy Team to:
  • Dragotaur
  • Dragonmoth
  • Veneratus
  • Asha