Welcome to our first Bounty Event!

It’s Bounty Time!

At daily changeover today (16 March) our first Bounty Event will be starting.
It’s accessible from the GAMES menu, and its tabbed screen format should be immediately familiar to you after playing Raid Boss and Invasion (though there is no Guild portion to this event – it’s purely solo).

To help explain everything, we’ve prepared a useful reference infographic.

Because this is our first Bounty Event, there are also a few unique features we wanted to mention.

1. Nobody has had a chance to get any Bounty Troops yet (because they release today), so we’ve reduced the amount of Bounty Points required for rewards by about 20-25%. They will be returning to their intended values for our next Bounty Event in 4 weeks’ time.

2. Normally a Bounty Event will contain 1 new Bounty Troop, but because this is our first one, we are releasing 3 more out into the wild this week! They’re all detailed below. Please note that ALL these troops are only available in the Bounty Shop this week. They will begin appearing in chests after the usual 3-4 weeks.

3.With the Bounty Troops in the Bounty Shop, Ice Wraith is the main one – others can be found randomly in the various Shop Tiers.

New Bounty Troop: Ice Wraith

New Bounty Troop: Rift Lynx

New Bounty Troop: Parrot

New Bounty Troop: Scavenger

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