Campaign Begins: Ancient Sarcophagus

New Campaign Begins

A brand new Campaign begins today, adventure into Grosh-Nak, where an Orc War Leader has been murdered.

Artifact: Ancient Sarcophagus

During this Campaign, players can earn Stars to level this Campaign’s Artifact – the Ancient Sarcophagus. Each new level will expand the story of the Campaign and also give Skill Point bonuses to all battles (including PvP and Guild Wars).

(These bonuses will only apply during the Campaign and are lost when the Campaign ends).

Elite Pass Rewards Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at a few of the rewards that will be available from the Elite Pass reward track.
Players also have the chance to collect 3 weapons that can be forged into a new mythic weapon, Duskbringer.

When the campaign ends, players can still earn unique rewards in the following ways:

  • Pharaoh Nefertani – She will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends
  • Weapons – These weapons will be craftable from the Soulforge the next time during their Kingdom’s event.
  • Portraits, Emojis and Titles – Like Social Collectibles from Events, these will become available to purchase from Gems about 3 months after the Campaign ends.
  • Mimicophagus – As this pet is cosmetic, he will only be available during special Pet Rescues after the Campaign.