Community Week

Hello Adventurers! For the next week we will be running some events in game for all platforms to celeberate the Gems of War Community. Read on to learn more…

Daily Heroic Gems

Each Day we will have a different Heroic Gem that will appear in puzzle games. These Gems will appear randomly in battles, along side the current Campaign Gem. The schedule for Heroic Gems is:

  • Monday: Mana Potion Gems (Switch Players are starting the Monument of Stars Campaign this week so will be getting Mana Potion Gems as part of that Campaign)
  • Tuesday: Uber Doomskulls
  • Wednesday: Freeze Gems
  • Thursday: Elemental Stars
  • Friday: Wildcards
  • Saturday: Burning Gems
  • Sunday: Wish Gems

Special Adventure Boards

Each Day we will run a special Adventure Board with different rewards such as Colored Deeds, Keys, War Coins and Gems.

Community Week Advent Calendar

We will be running a Community Advent Calendar over the next week with deals for players to snap up, as well as 2 Free Days of Special Rewards. Check Advent Calendar offers each day so you don’t miss out!