CONSOLE: 2.0.5 Update

Hail and well met, PS4 and Xbox One players! Welcome to 2.0.5…

New PvP System
* Complete overhaul of the existing PvP system
* Separated into Ranked and Casual battles
* Ranked leaderboards to compete against other players
* Check out your past battles in the battle log
* Removed minimum level entry requirement
* Rewards are now split into Tier Rewards (which have been increased) and Ranked rewards (for the first 1000 players each week)
Explore Minigame
* Test your team against tough teams from each kingdom
* Unlock traitstones depending on the kingdom you explore
* Shows the traitstones you can get from each kingdom
Profile Menu
* Check out favourite troops and stats of other guild members and opponents
* Spar in training battles against other players (no rewards for this though, sorry!)
Community News Menu
* Redesigned News Menu
* Allows multiple news items to be displayed at the same time
* Guides you to the appropriate location depending on the news article
New Content
* New Hero Classes: Assassin & Orbweaver
* Dual Troop Types
* New mechanics: Web & Stun & Frozen
* New Kingdoms: Glacial Peaks & Leonis Empire
Puzzle Game Improvements
* New Puzzle Control Scheme: Move the right stick to quickly swap gems
* Spell and Attack Animations are quicker
* Spells take less time to cast
* Trait animations are quicker
* Improved mana and spell effects
* Better skull attack animations
World Map Improvements
* Locked kingdoms now change shields when the player is a high enough level to unlock them (Red shields turn blue)
* Map centres into the kingdom selected
* World map more responsive to player input (smoother movement)
* Improved world map icons while zooming
Other Changes
* Event changeovers are now at 7am GMT (identical to PC/Mobile)
* Arena

  • – Now allows you to select ANY weapon, to be in line with Mobile/PC
  • – UI in the arena has changed to be more descriptive of current progress

* UI Polish, including adding a mini game button to the world map
* Performance improvements for animations
* Redeem Codes now available and redeemed through the Store (Xbox One only)
* Claim All button added to Mail
* Added Skip functionality to Quest section of the game
* Improved flow of the game to return users to locations where they were previously

  • – If players are in quest battles, it will return them to the quest screen once complete

* Updated Quest Display

  • – Quests display different coloured text for completed, incomplete and current quests
  • – Hides any future quest descriptions as “???”

* Troop Card Info menu improvements

  • – Cards can now be swapped with the triggers
  • – Cards now animate when being swapped
  • – Choosing a troop in battle will now display the Spell card by default
  • – Shows current status effects a troop is currently inflicted

* Improved Start Tutorials
* Weapons in team lists now alternates between the weapon and hero name
* Rarity is now displayed on troop cards

Bug Fixes
* Arena would show incorrect stats when choosing your troops at the start of arena
* Fixed the game from crashing when losing the first tutorial battle
* (PS4) – Players are now given clearer error message when loading the game without being connected to the PSN
* (PS4) – Losing connection to the PSN now forces players to return back to the title screen
* (XB1) – Switching profiles on the XB1 no longer freezes the game for an extended period of time
* 5 of a kind matches no longer cause mana surge to happen twice
* Arena now shows the correct previous battle difficulty
* Players can now no longer equip weapons they did not own
* Removed image flickering when images are first displayed
* Results screen now shows the correct amount of traitstones collected
* Minor visual improvements

  • – Highlighting in challenge menus now start correctly
  • – Guild menus had some love, including animating intro, better highlights and cleaner UI
  • – Less instances of images/menus popping or changing scale on the first few milliseconds of being seen

* Fixed selection highlight in Puzzle game where showing a troop card would make it disappear after closing it (using the back button)
* Gems should now scale correctly once matched
* Hint suggestions now show all gems in a L shaped 5+ of a kind
* Results screen should no longer show some troops before they should slide onto the screen
* Tasks should now show correct amounts in their descriptions and match the tally
* Weapons images on the team lists should no longer be stretched
* Unlock list now shows better icons for troops (now using the offsets)
* Treasure Hunt screen now waits for player input before closing
* Weapons with 3 or more colours are now detected by class bonuses

  • – E.g. Warlord class Magic Bonus of “+3 When using Red Weapons” was not being applied to weapons with all colours (e.g. Imperial Jewel)

* Sorting weapons by Upgradeable no longer breaks the Troop Collection Menu
* Fixed the Disenchant souls display from disappearing when toggling them up and down quickly
* Fixed virtual keyboard input fields becoming unresponsive when entering an empty string
* Removed LV from the hero card
* Scouting is now free until a certain level has been reached
* Fixed the traitstone display on the results menu to be correct
* Large Avatar now fades out after casting a spell
* New is now displayed on every unlockable which was not owned previously
* Fixed summoning issues
* Enemy Troops no longer show your progress in puzzle intro screen
* Scatter damage no longer triggers Frenzy multiple times
* Dragon and Lion Armour is placed in the correct position on the avatar

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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