CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

Welcome to Console 2.2…

New Event System

* There are 3 types of Events that can be run. They may be available all at once, or at different times:

Troop Bonus Events:
* Troop Skills get increased by 25%
* These events can be based on either Troop Type (like Knight or Dragon), or Troop Kingdom (like Khetar or Adana), or both!
* The Skill Bonuses will apply to all game modes including the Arena
* When multiple Troop Bonus Events are run at the same time, the bonuses will stack.

Bonus Resource Events:
* Using a combination of either Troops, Troop Types, Troop Color, or Troop Kingdoms, construct a team that rewards bonus resources at the end of a victorious battle.
* These events will sometimes apply to specific game modes and difficulties.

Collection Events:
* Complete specific objectives such as: Killing enemies, killing troops of specific types or kingdoms, summoning troops, or playing treasure maps, to earn points.
* Based on your point total, collect rewards for the event as you progress. Each event may contain up to 6 rewards.

New Shop Items
Several new bundles have been added to the Store:

Growth Packs
* These packs give rewards for reaching certain levels in the game.
* They may only be purchased once.
* They will give appropriate rewards instantly, if purchased by a player who has already achieved some/all of the levels.
* There are 2 types of Growth Packs: Growth Pack I & Growth Pack II

Growth Pack I:
* Costs $30 and contains $150 value of rewards
* Gives rewards at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
* At level 50 gives a bonus random Legendary troop

Growth Pack II:
* Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
* Gives rewards at levels 50, 75, 100, 125, 150
* At level 150 gives a bonus random Mythic troop

Path to Glory
* Path to Glory Packs are 30-day subscription packs, that can be purchased once per month
* Players may purchase both subscriptions at the same time if they want
* There are 2 types of subscription packs: Path to Glory I + Path to Glory II
* These packs may be repurchased once they expire.
* You will not miss out if you do not collect them on consecutive days (i.e. if you have collected the Day 5 Reward, and you miss 2 days’ play, then when you log in, the pack will continue from the Day 6 Reward, running all the way up to Day 30).

Path to Glory I:
* Costs $15 and contains $75 value of rewards
* Each day gives random consumables (Gems, Gold, Souls, etc)
* On day 30, gives a random Legendary Troop

Path to Glory II:
* Costs $50 and contains $250 value of rewards
* Each day gives traitstones
* On day 30, gives a random Mythic Troop

VIP Bundle
* $5 Bundle that gives 1 VIP key and a few miscellaneous consumables.
* VIP keys can be used even if the player isn’t VIP 5.
* Can be purchased 3 times per account.

Starter, Intermediate and Advanced Packs
* New limited time purchases to help players through different stages of their quest
* 2 bundles are available for each Starter, Intermediate and Advanced Packs
* Each pair of bundles only last a single week
* Each packs contain useful troops, armor, or weapons, as well as other miscellaneous consumables

Other Shop Updates
* PlayStation Shop improvements
* Shop should now be more responsive
* Shop tabs have been reorganised to improve Shop layout
– This includes Gold and Soul purchases now sharing a tab

* Gem purchases of Gold and Souls now give significantly more rewards

Offer Menu

* New all-in-one location to see any special offers and packs
* Keep track of all your Path to Glory and Growth Pack purchases and progress

Upgraded Game Engine and Tools

* Smaller game install size (we have reduced the overall game install down by a third)
* Higher quality images
* Performance improvements

New Achievements/Trophies

* 10 new Achievements/Trophies to collect
* Broken down into 4 categories from features added over the past 4 events
– Hero Class Update
– PvP Update
– Guild Update
– Event Update

Minor Features

Chat Menu
* Chat will now reconnect automatically if disconnected from the chat server
* Chat now saves the last used global room
* Chat can now be closed during loading

* Difficulty levels are now locked until a certain level is reached
* Icons have been updated

* Opposing team list spell images are flipped to match the rest of the game
* Treasure Hunt now displays number of turns taken and runes gained
* Ascending troops now allows ascending multiple rarities at once
* All training battles no longer require a scouting cost
* Mail items can now display more than 5 rewards
* PvP Defense Team Gem Preference tab now scales the slider icon to show the effect

Balance Changes

* Console players should now have all the troop balancing changes from the PC/Mobile 2.2 update and the Bearded Lady event
* For more information, see the changes at the following links
– PC/Mobile 2.2 Patch Notes:
– Bearded Lady And Troop Changes:

Major Bug Fixes

Spell Fixes
* Transform spells for opponents in non-PvP battles now no longer breaks the game
* Scatter damage now calculates correctly when causing true damage
* All boost ratios should now display the correct values
* Soothsayers spell no longer hangs the game when there are no gems to target
* Grand Inquisitor’s spell now works when a hero troop is in the same team

Trait Fixes
* Traits which affect a troop’s life should no longer be activated once that troop is dead
* Traits which give mana to itself/allies at the same time now applies the highest mana value
* Devoured troops can no longer use their death traits twice
* Devoured troops no longer cause the death trait to cast on a troop immune to devour
* Troops can no longer gain life once they have reached 0 life
* Gloomleaf’s third trait now no longer crashes the game on critical hits
* Traits which adjust a random skill now clearly display that a skill with 0 points was targeted

Guild Menu
* Guild stat bonuses now apply to the hero troop
* Guild Member pop-up menu no longer appears off screen for members lower on the list
* Guild Statue resource bonuses are now displayed in the bonus section on the world map
* Guild Statue Treasure Map turn bonus is now updated immediately without requiring a restart
* Team Player will now be awarded when entering the Guild Menu
* Guild League tab should no longer lag when opening it the first time

* Difficulty now changes the opponents stats correctly
* Difficulty should no longer reset before starting an Arena match

Minor Bug Fixes

* Changing guilds now updates the tabs of In-Game chat
* Guild Statue bonus percentages are now being displayed on the world map
* Boost ratio tip on troops will now display correct values for some troops
* Chat can no longer be accessed from the engagement menu, causing the game to crash on rare occasions
* Unlock list now displays the correct images and text for VIP and Subscriptions
* Chest menu no longer displays extra troop cards in the Event Chests tab
* Character Avatars no longer appear outside their card during battle
* Task notification popup should no longer get stuck on the screen
* Certain tasks now display progress when they previously displayed nothing
* Opponent troop card spell images are now flipped to match the other items on the troop card
* VIP and Subscriptions now show correctly in the Unlock List Menu
* Kingdom power gold above power level 5 should now display correctly
* Unlocking a new kingdom will now display the correct world conquered percentage
* Chat menu should no longer display time stamps when chatting occurs in a different channel

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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