Welcome to Console 3.0.5…

Major Features

First-Time User Experience Rework
* New tutorials for new users
* Streamlined first battles to better understand the mechanics of the game
* New starting weapon – “Blade of Heroes”
* New starting troop – “Baby Dragon”

VIP Changes and New Levels
* Added VIP Levels 16-20 with new rewards
* Each VIP level now awards a new Team Slot
* Existing VIP members will be awarded these new team slots when leveling up or making a purchase
* VIP menu now displays the progress for each level

New Team Slots
* Now unlock new Team Slots at Levels 210, 220, 230, 240 and 250
* Gaining VIP Levels will now also add an additional Team Slot

New Settings Menu
* Allows changing of common Game Settings, including Music and Sound Volume, Puzzle Hints and Mana Display

* Modify the Animation Speed of the Battle and the Blur effect

* Useful links to Gems of War’s family of websites

* Now able swap languages in game without changing your system language

Spell Gem Helper
* Spells that use specific gem colors now displays counters for related gems on the board

Animation Speed
* Speed up or slow down the animations of Spells, Gem Matches and Trait Activations in battles

Traitstone Regions Menu
* Accessible from the Crafting Menu or Hero Menu Collection Tab
* Displays a list of Kingdoms which can unlock a chosen traitstone
* Selecting a location will immediately take you to that location on the World Map

Collected Mail Menu
* Collected mail can now be viewed from the Mail Menu
* Stores the last 30 mail collected

Troop Filter Menu
* Troops and Weapons can now be filtered by a Keyword search
* New Sort Type: Base Rarity
* New Filter Type: Show Unowned Troops

Server Status Display
* Shows the current status of the Gems of War servers
* If there are any issues, the status of them will be displayed on the loading splash screen and the world map
* The current status will always be displayed in the Settings Menu

New Achievements
* Gladiator: Reach PvP tier 10 in a single week
* Reaver: Reach PvP tier 5 in a single week
* Defender: Have your PvP Defense Team win a battle

Minor Features

Guild Wars
* Displays the Enemy Progress on the Attack Tab
* Displays the current war’s Mana Colour on the Attack Tab

UI Updates
* World Map has been improved
* Guild Wars can now be accessed from the World Map
* Quest Menu has been updated to be easier to read

* Masteries Required are now displayed on unowned weapons
* Death Mark will now no longer activate on the first turn

Major Bug Fixes

Spell Fixes
* Troops which sacrifice themselves will no longer finish the battle prematurely
* Troops with Barrier can no longer be consumed

* Store Purchase Improvements
* Kingdom images should no longer display incorrectly in the crafting menu
* Fixed “The Other Side of Dawn” Trophy from not unlocking when completing all guild wars battles

Minor Bug Fixes

* Fixed tasks not displaying for certain users in certain languages
* Troop stats will now always cap at 1000
* Boost Ratios should now display correctly for troops which have a count limit (e.g. Bone Dragon)

Balance Changes

* Summoning a Troop type or Kingdom type (upcoming event troop), will not summon the Summoner. Eg. Kruarg can’t summon another Kruag. This also affects transforming troops like Baby Dragon (no more Baby Dragons transforming into Baby Dragons).
* Flying trait has been renamed to nimble. This allows us to put Entangle immunity on more troops, especially those without wings.

* Reduced Mana cost from 12 to 10

* Changed Troop Type from Wildfolk to Urska

* Increased legendary traits Life gain from 4 to 8

Black Beast
* With the change to Barrier to prevent Devour, Black Beast will now dispel his ally before he devours it. Spell text hasn’t been changed though.

Dark Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Purple Gems after doubling the number of Purple on the board.
* Changed Elemental Bond trait to Troll Regeneration

Desert Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Yellow Gems after doubling the number of Yellow on the board.
* Changed Regeneration trait to Troll Regeneration

* Mana cost increased to 22

* Change Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Change Grudge to Armored
* Now Gains Magic at Levels 16, 19
* Now gains additional magic at level 20

* Spell will now also deal half the damage to adjacent enemies of the target

Rock Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Brown Gems after doubling the number of Brown on the board.
* Mana Cost increased from 10 to 11

Savage Hunter
* Change Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Changed Wildfolk Bond to Wargare Bond
* Mana Cost increased from 7 to 9
* Spell Change, now does bonus damage vs Green troops. Still places a Hunter’s Mark.
* Base dmg reduced from 5 to 4

Scale Guard
* Change Empowered trait to Swift

Sea Troll
* Spell now creates 4 Blue Gems after doubling the number of Blue on the board.
* Mana Cost increased from 10 to 11
* Changed Regeneration trait to Regeneration

* Change Stealthy to Agile
* Change Avenger to Barkskin
* Change trait order from Nature Brand > Stealthy > Avenger to Nature Brand > Barkskin > Agile

Urska Wanderer
* Changed Troop Type from Wildfolk/Knight to Urska/Knight

Wild Fang
* Changed Troop type from Wildfolk to Wargare
* Spell Change, now does bonus damage vs Yellow troops
* Base damage increased from 4 to 5

Time to put the power back into this Storm Giant!
* Increase boost ratio from x 3 to x10
* Increase base spell damage from 5 to 8
* Change Air Spirit to Huge
* Change Trait order from Giant Bond > Air Link > Air Spirit to Giant Bond > Huge > Air Link

Armored Boar
* Increase boost ratio from x3 to x5

* Spell now targets Enemy
* Troop Type changed to Orc/ Giant
* Changed Frenzy Trait to Orc Fury
* Base spell damage increased from 1 to 4

Dark Song
* Spell Rework, now deals damage + random debuff to the enemy. If enemy is Orc or Daemon, she will steal Mana from them.
* Mana Cost reduced from 13 to 12
* Now gain Magic at levels 8 and 12
* Changed Nature Spirit to Orc Cunning
* Changed Jinx to Cursed
* Changed trait order from Magic Link > Jinx > Nature Spirit to Cursed > Orc Cunning > Magic Link

Drake Rider
* Spell Damage change to so damage on adjacent enemies now scales
* Changed Pyromania change to Loyal Mount (100% chance to summon a drake on death.)
* Changed Dragon Bond to Orc Armor

* Boost ratio increased from 3:1 to 2:1
* Changed Orc Bond to Orc Cunning

* Spell Rework, now Summons a Random Orc, deal 2 True damage to all allies and create Red + Brown gems, boosted by Orc Allies.
* Legendary Trait reworked to all allied Orcs start with 50% Mana.
* Changed Armored to General
* Changed Avenger to Orc Armor

Kruag the Dread
* Summon condition changed from 13+ Purple Gems to 13+ Red Gems
* Base spell damage increased from 1 to 4
* Mana cost reduced from 16 to 15
* Changed Regeneration to Impervious

* Spell Rework, now Gains attack, boosted by converting Green to Brown. Enrages himself.
* Mana cost increased from 7 to 10
* Changed Doom to Armored
* Changed Grudge to Orc Armor
* Traits reordered from Doom > Fire Link > Grudge to Orc Armor> Armored > Fire Link

* Spell now summons a Bone Daemon
* Spell Life buff increased from 4 to 6
* Changed Magic Heart to Orc Armor

* Spell now damages first 2 enemies and poisons the last 2 enemies
* Mana cost increased from 10 to 11
* Base spell damage increased from 4 to 5
* Now gain Magic at level 12

Balance Notes:
Troll Regeneration didn’t make into the Console update, so Trolls only have Regeneration
Rock Troll has Regeneration instead of Knockout. This will be fixed in the next update.

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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