CONSOLE: 3.0 Patch Notes

Welcome to Console 3.0…

Guild Wars

* Players can access Guild Wars via the Guild Wars Button on the Guild Menu.

* The top 2 ranks of guild members are the only ones able to register their guild for Guild Wars.
* Guilds need to register for the next Guild War before the weekly changeover. If a guild doesn’t register, they are unable to join in during that Guild War. This also means that guilds can chose to opt-out of guild wars by choosing not to register.
* Registering only requires pushing a single button on the Guild Wars landing page.
* Registering allows only active Guilds to be in the war. This means guilds will never be matched against inactive or dead guilds.
Registering allows the entire week’s match making to be set up on Day 1 (which is also a rest day, the actual wars start on Day 2).

* Guilds participating in a Guild War will be matched up against 6 enemy Guilds, one for each day of the war.
* Each day in a guild war has a different color associated with it. The color for each day is static and DOESN’T change.
* Each battle fought by a guild member (in a Guild War) earns points for their guild.
* Each day, as you square off against a rival guild, your points are tallied, and the side with more at the end of the day wins a small reward! (see the Reward section below)
* How do we calculate those points? Well, wins are obviously worth more points than losses, with small bonuses for how well you win! (more on that in the Attack Tab section)
* Each day has a color theme for the attackers to try out. On the first day (blue day), you will get bonus points in any guild war battle for each blue troop in your team. Want to maximize your points? Then you’ll need to figure out an entirely blue team to do so… but even 1 or 2 blue troops will still give you a (smaller) bonus.
* Each day gives a player 5 battles. Players can chose whether to spend the battles each day or to wait until later in the Guild War before they start spending their battles. It doesn’t matter to the final score, but if you want to try and win the daily reward, you will need to fight on that day.
* Players will be able to select a Defense team for each day.
* Due to some technical limitations, we couldn’t put a fully-fledged team-picker in here. This means that the Defense Team Gem Preferences have also been disabled for all guild wars battles. But the current version will do the job for now until we can address the technical issues later in the year (more news on that AFTER Guild Wars releases though).

Attack Tab
* Number of a player’s remaining battles is displayed in the top left corner.
* Each set of 5 battles MUST be spent on the “next” guild in your schedule… so you play 5 battles from WAR 1, then 5 battles from WAR 2, etc… you can’t jump back and forth.
* Battles aren’t lost if you don’t use them… so you could wait until the final day and play all 30 battles in a row if you like!
* Battle amount is reset at the start of a new Guild War. So, unused battles are not carried over.
* NOTE: You cannot purchase more battles… we’re not that kind of game!

* Each Guild battle consist of 5 battles, which get progressively harder as you move through the battles.
* Each opponent in a Guild battle has a different Guild War Rank. The ranks are: Paragon, Champion, Herald, Vanguard, Soldier
* Each week, based on the previous week’s results, all guild members are split into 5 ranks for the guild war (this is separate to the ranks of * Guild Master, Lieutenant, etc… that we already have). On week 1 we’ll base this on a combination of Guild Rank, Level & Team Score. After that, it will be based on points earned during the Guild War.
* There is 1 Paragon, up to 2 Champions, up to 4 Heralds, up to 8 Vanguard, and the rest are Soldiers. In smaller guilds, this is split up differently, and some ranks may not be present, but will be filled in as required by players from other higher or lower ranks.
* Your first battle will be against a random Soldier. If you win, you progress to fight the Vanguard. If not, you fight a different random Soldier. The enemy rank battle order is Soldier > Vanguard > Herald > Champion > Paragon
* Each time you win and progress, the next battle is worth more points! You can score bonus points of top these amounts too (remember… using the correct color in the correct WAR will give you some bonus score)
* This continues until you have used all 5 battles in this WAR.
* The battles are worth (in order) 50, 100, 200, 400, 750 points. You get bonus points for use of the correct color, and a tiny bonus the more troops you have alive at the end of a game. A loss is worth a small fraction of a win. Quitting or skipping a battle is worth 0 points.

* At the bottom of the Attack screen is the option to Skip a Guild.
* This will concede all matches against the current Guild and simply progress to the next one, then you can do so here.
* This will use up any remaining battles left for the current Guild battle.
* Skipping a Guild is not reversible, so players will receive a prompt & be warned when they try to do so.

Results Tab
* The Results Tabs displays the results for every Guild member, this will include the number of Wins and Losses they had for each day, their Guild Sentinels contributions, and the total amount of points earned so far. (Your own row will be highlighted in gold so you can pick yourself out amongst your guild mates)
* A similar screen will be available for the previous week’s results (which guilds will be able to view as a popup from the RANKINGS TAB)
* At the end of the Guild War, players are assigned a new Rank (Paragon, Champion, Herald, etc…) based on how they ranked with points.

Sentinels Tab
* There are 4 Sentinels in Guild Wars (one for each Skill: Attack, Life, Armor & Magic), and your guild can interact with them to gain some bonuses in Guild War battles.
* These bonuses will apply for both on offense & defense.
* Each Sentinel has 5 levels giving:
* A direct bonus to YOUR troops for Guild Wars battles (your own personal bonuses can be up to +5 for Attack & Magic, and +10 for Armor & Life.)
* A teeny tiny bonus to all players in the Guild who are of higher rank than YOU! (those little extras from players on lower ranks can effectively add +25%/+50%/+75%/+100% to Vanguards/Heralds/Champions/Paragons if every member of the guild upgrades their Sentinels)
* Each of these levels has a cost associated with it… for example, ATTACK
* Level 1: 100 Glory
* Level 2: 500 Glory
* Level 3: 10 Gems
* Level 4: 25 Gems
* Level 5: 50 Gems
* Other Sentinels cost different types of currency (Gold for Armor & Life, and Souls for Magic). But the final 3 levels always cost a few Gems. For top end Guilds, it’s a pretty good investment, as the top Guild Wars prizes each week contain a nice profit to be made in Gems, and up to 100x of the Guild Wars troop!

Rankings Tab
* Guilds are sorted into brackets of 10 guilds. For the first week, we’ll sort teams into groups of 10 initially (and, no we’re NOT going to tell you exactly how, or we know some of you will try to game the system!!). It’s as fair as we can manage… If you look at the trophy rankings, it’s going to be roughly like that, I believe. It’s not based ONLY on trophies though!
* Guilds will be displayed on the leaderboard in their bracket and current order (based on current amount of points earned). However, you won’t be able to place higher than top of your bracket, or lower than the bottom.
The 6 other guilds you will be matched with will all come from your bracket.
* If you finish near the top of your bracket, it’s LIKELY (but not 100% certain) you will move up the following week, perhaps even more than one bracket. Similarly, if you finish near the bottom you may move down… this all depends on how well you do during the week, and how well the other guilds of similar ranking do too!
* As previously mentioned, players will be able to access their guild’s results from the previous Guild War. This includes results, rankings & rewards, so you can check the performance of all your Guildmates, and see the rewards you earned.
* You will be able to see daily rewards earned by your guild and the current Guild Wars ranking rewards. (More on this below).

* Each day’s winner (for the daily Guild War) will receive 50 Seals each (that count for your Guild, but do NOT count towards your cap), and a 24 hour 50% XP buff.

* Guild Wars will reward new Troops, which (currently) will ONLY be available from Guild Wars.
* The number of copies of the troop will depend on your guild’s rank on the leaderboard when the Guild War ends. So, the Guilds who finish near the top of the table will receive a LOT more.
* Ultimately, we have planned one Guild War troop for each Kingdom in the game, but with 3.0, we’ll only be introducing the first 6 of these new troops (all commons, and will have similar stats & power & level-up requirements to the Guild Guardians).
* We’re also looking at adding old Guild Wars troops to the Guild chests whenever we release NEW Guild Wars troops (which will be every 3-6 months). So, if you’re not getting enough from the Guild Wars, we’ll be devising a way that you can still get your hands on them at a reasonable rate.

New Spell Effects

* Storms are a board affect that lasts 8 Turns (4 for each side).
* Storms increase the chance of gems dropping depending on the color of the storm. There are 7 different types of storms, one for each gem type)
* Blue: Icestorm
* Green: Leafstorm
* Red: Firestorm
* Yellow: Lightstorm
* Purple: Darkstorm
* Brown: Duststorm
* Skulls: Bonestorm

* Dispel will remove any positive status effects (e.g. Barrier, Enchanted or Enraged) on enemy troops

* Troops which are enraged will deal double skull damage during their next skull attack

New Achievements/Trophies

3 new Achievements/Trophies to collect for Guild Wars

The Other Side of Dawn
* Complete all of your Guild Wars battles in a single week

Sentinel Prime
* Upgrade each of your Guild Wars Sentinels at least once in a single Guild War

Olympus Has Fallen
* Defeat a paragon opponent in Guild Wars

New Hero Classes

3 new Hero Classes to master –

* Unlocked once the Ghulvania quest line has been completed

* Unlocked once the Stormheim quest line has been completed

* Unlocked once the Divinion Fields quest line has been completed

Minor Features

* New Splash Screens showing off upcoming troops and kingdoms
* Hero Rarity is now based on Hero Level rather than the currently equipped weapon
* Improved the difficulty curve of the AI
* Added in transitions between menus
* Improvements to store purchasing
* Claiming event rewards now displays the item list of all the rewards gained
* Quest progress now displays the total number of quests and objectives for the current quest line
* Event Bonuses are now displayed in the stat breakdown
* Added the Disenchant All button to the Crafting Menu
* Chest menu now defaults to the Gold Key tab
* [PS4] Game Icon has been updated

Balance Changes

* Summoning a Troop type or Kingdom type (upcoming event troop), will not summon the Summoner. Eg. Kruarg can’t summon another Kruag. This also affects transforming troops like Baby Dragon (no more Baby Dragons transforming into Baby Dragons).
* Flying trait has been renamed to nimble. This allows us to put Entangle immunity on more troops, especially those without wings.

Spell Change:
Mana cost reduced from 24 to 22

Bone Dragon
Spell Change:
Spell now strips up to a max of 25
Skull boost ratio reduced from 1:3 to 1:4
Skull boost is based on Armor destroyed.
Base Skulls created increased from 8 to 9
Mana cost increased from 14 to 15

Spell Change:
Skull explosion now a flat number 10
Armor gain now scales off Magic
Base Armor gain changed from 8 to 3

Spell Change:
Damage now scales with magic, as well as summon level.
No longer gains Magic at Levels 2, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19
Base damage decreased from 10 to 4
Mana cost reduced from 13 to 11

Traits Change from:
Mech Bond > Armored > Technomancy to Mech Bond > Impervious > Technomancy
Spell Change:
Mana cost reduced from 17 to 15

Spell Change:
Damage now scales with magic, as well as random skill point steal.
Base damage decreased from 10 to 1
Mana cost reduced from 14 to 13

Gloom Leaf
Traits Change from:
Defender > Huge > Thorns to Huge > Impervious > Thorns
Spell Change:
Attack Steal increased from 2 to 4
Mana cost reduced from 17 to 16

Goblin King
Spell Changed
Spell changed to summon a random Goblin troop.
Mana cost reduced from 16 to 14
Base life gain increased from 5 to 8

Spell Change:
Mana Cost reduced from 24 to 22

Marsh Raptor
Spell Change:
Damage, now gains x4 boost from Blue Allies (to synergize with Water Link)
Change bonus on enemy kill from Attack + Magic buff to Create X Blue Gems if the enemy dies.

Traits Change:
Aspect of Plague effect increased from 2 to 3
Spell Change:
Spell now also poisons all enemies

Traits Change from:
Nimble > Grudge > Arcane to Nimble > Grudge > Armored
Spell Change:
Skill point buff to Attack and Life now scales with Magic.
Now gains Magic at levels

Spell Change:
Base damage increased from 1 to 3

Tankbot 2000
Spell Change:
Armor steal now scales off magic.

Traits Change from:
Pyromania > Armor Piercing > Aspect of War to Armor Piercing > Infernal Armor > Aspect of War
Spell Change:
Now gains an extra turn if he kills the enemy.
Mana cost reduced from 24 to 22

* Where is Gar’Nok’s buff?
Grosh-Nak is high on our list for a Kingdom rework, so we’ve going to leave Gar’Nok until we tackle Grosh-Nak.

Troop Refund

The following troops will be available for refunds:
* Bone Dragon
* DRACOS 1337
* Gloom Leaf
* Marsh Raptor
* Roc

Major Bug Fixes

Spell Fixes
* Spells which randomly split damage across all enemies now calculates the correct damage amount
* Spells which reorder troops from pulling the troops into the center of the board
* Healing a troop no longer pops Barrier
* Entangled troops no longer break Barrier when doing 0 skull damage
* Order and Chaos will now target the correct troops

* Chat should no longer display the Player Not Found error in chat in certain circumstances
* The game should no longer crash when there are too many people already in chat
* Players can no longer avoid being banned

Task Fixes
* Revenge battles are now counted towards ‘Win X Ranked PvP Battles’ Task
* Random requirements on tasks are no longer reset once the game has restarted
* Tasks that unlock a kingdom should no longer select unreleased kingdoms

Other Major Bug Fixes
* Board resource displays updates correctly for troops that have traits which change the final amount
* Indigestible trait now prevents troop from being Devoured
* Event points should now take into account the opponent hero’s troop

Minor Bug Fixes

* Total Troops display on the Profile menu now displays the correct total number of troops for that user.
* Guild menus now display the correct titles when not in a guild
* Guild Roster no longer has the pop up menu displayed off screen
* Event menu no longer displays the text in front of the button icon
* Event Rewards now display the correct text on larger length items
* The last quest in Khaziel should no longer break the game
* Teams can now only have a team name consisting of 16 characters or less
* Suggest a Troop no longer displays when there are no more troops to suggest
* Fixed filtering issues in the troop menu when performing actions in a certain order
* Fixed text for the Path to Glory and Growth Packs not displaying asterisks correctly to match the help text
* Treasure Hunt Intro now displays the correct amount of turns in the help text

Please note this Update only applies to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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