Call to Valor

CONSOLE: Call to Valor

Who you gonna call?

New Troop: Valor

Just as the Archon Mercy descended to help rebuild Whitehelm, so too has Valor, the Archon of Sword’s Edge, appeared to help Queen Ysabelle re-ascend the throne after the treachery of the Knights Coronet.

Valor however, is ill-suited for such tasks. Like a true knight, BATTLE is in his blood, not PEACE! He has a particular hatred for Daemons, and it is of concern to both Ysabelle and the reformed Dragon Knights that he may start a holy crusade against the creatures, when what their kingdom needs now is peace, not war.

Catching Up on Consoles
As you can see, we’ve started adding in blog posts (along with Twitter & Facebook) for console events now.
Right now we’re still at one troop per week, but as soon as we get the next update out (not long to go, we promise) we’ll start increasing that to get you console folks caught up!
Thanks for your patience!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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