CONSOLE: Double Rainbow

The rainbow snake is here…

New Troop: Couatl

High up in the Dragon’s Claw mountains live many creatures, from the largest Dragons, to their earthbound servants, the Dragonians, to the tiny-but-deadly Dragonmoths.
One very curious creature found there is the Couatl, a winged snake with brightly-colored feathers. It’s quite reclusive in nature, and even though the Dragon’s Claw was discovered 2 weeks ago, it’s only coming out of hiding now.

New Troop: Dragonian Rogue

Not all Dragonians are as noble and dedicated as Viskandarius-y-Amon! In fact, a Dragonian’s role in society depends upon its color; Visk is bronze, and thus he is a warrior & guardian. As for the black Dragonians though, they’re not a very savory bunch….

We’ll be resuming extra troops in chests/glory bundles after the Holiday Season to help catch up the PC/Mobile versions of the game.

Please note this Event only applies to Xbox One & PS4 versions of the game.

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