CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches – Elemaugrim

New Mythic: Elemaugrim

They say the souls of the most ancient dragons can never truly be destroyed.
Just as their God-Spirit, the Dragon Soul, can resurrect upon his death, so the souls of the ancient ones can reform over time and return to the world.

Today… Elemaugrim has returned.

Once, the undisputed King of the Northern Forests, he was defeated by the first Wargare and the Forest Guardian – a physical manifestation of the very thing over which he claimed dominion.

Over time, the tattered remnants of his spirit fled back to Dragon’s Claw, and began the long process of healing and reformation. Now that process is complete, and Elemaugrim is ready to claim vengeance upon all who opposed him!

Please note this troop only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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